Well, our second sleepover was a success!! Or at least, they are both sound asleep. I better be safe and say that so far it is a success. But I am T-I-R-E-D!! So I’m going to minimally blog and maximally post pictures.

AJ was mesmerized by one of Ali’s toys that plays five different songs. Except that she only wanted it to play ” ‘Appy and You Know It”, so she figured out how to skip through the other four by listening to the tone that precludes each song to get it to play her song.
She LOVED Ali’s shapes. They had a great time sorting them all!
It was serious business. A true job that must be studied and focused on by both of them! They remind me of quality control people on an assembly line or something:
Ali decided to rest. . .
And AJ decided to join her.
So I decided it was time to watch “Thomas”.
Then AJ decided that Elmo needed to rest:
Now EVERYONE is well-rested!
I took them to the park after naptime. I would have more pictures, but I was running around frantically trying to keep up with them going in two different directions. I even had my friend Amanda there helping me, but it seems like 2 toddlers + park = 4 toddlers!!
So I made the executive decision that we would go into the library and play with puzzles instead. They were quite obliging.
Yes, containment is key when keeping two toddlers and you’re not used to having more than one on one odds.
We got home, And AJ played us a beautiful concert. She REALLY enjoyed the piano.
Then we colored for a while. . .
And then it was time for our traditional matching jammies pictures!! (Only I didn’t know that AJ calls them PJ’s and has composed a beautiful “PeeeeeeJAAAAAAAYS” song that she sings anytime you pull out jammies. It was lovely!)
For comparison, here is one of the matching jammies pictures from their last sleepover (6 months ago):
At any rate, they’re still twins!! (for those who don’t know, they actually aren’t related at all. They just freakishly favor one another).
Then AJ thought it was time to get serious.
But Ali decided that it wasn’t. Who doesn’t need a rousing game of “door” before bedtime??!!
AJ immediately thought that was a better idea than pondering in the rocking chair.
Which is which? I know. . . do you?
Mirror image. . .
Flip image:AJ! Are you coming??
Then it was time to pick up all of the millions of letters and shapes.
But who doesn’t have time for a rousing “ROLL TIDE”?? (AJ learned how to say it REALLY well – Ali’s a good teacher! I’m sure that AJ’s Daddy will be soooo happy) ;)
I’m sure I will have a few more tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted!

8 thoughts on “Twins for the Day

  1. They are adorable & you're right, they look a lot alike! I assumed they were at least cousins. Love the matching jammies.

  2. they are both SO stinkin cute!!
    and I’m sure David’s going to be thrilled that his daughter is now a Bama fan! LOL!

  3. oh my word how well i know.. im just now attempting parks with all three.. i do better with three than i ever did with two! how odd, i know. those girls are so stinkin cute!

  4. That looked like a wonderful time was had by all and those two are absolutely the cutest. Amazing likeness. LOL, k

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