Everybody has them. They were married at one time, but their spouse managed to disappear into the bowels of the dryer, or some other unknown location.

I just always throw mine back in the hamper, so they get re-washed every time I do a load of laundry. The hope is that one day they will find their way into the dryer depths and be reunited with their spouse. Or bring their spouse back with them.

But they always manage to still stick around, alone, trying to pair up with the other singles but just not looking right together. I suppose I should give them seven chances or so and then throw them away. But that seems so unfair, so undeserving. It wasn’t THEIR fault that they spouse got lost. THEY were the sock that loyally hung around!! Why should THEY be punished?!?

Holey socks I can throw away. They gave up and wore out. But not single socks. It’s just not right.

How do you console (or punish) your single socks?

5 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts About Socks in the Single’s Scene

  1. I have a small (the round carry-around kind) that I put all single socks in. Everytime there is a single sock after washing in it goes. About every three weeks I get the hamper out and try to match up what I can while watching TV at night. There are some that just stay single though. I guess married life was not for them. They like the single’s scene!

  2. I keep them in my drawer till I find a match or I do my spring cleaning (2 times a year). If I haven’t found it by the time I clean out and organize my sock drawer, I through the single sock out. :) :)

  3. We have sets of socks that came with three pair or six pair, so I just wait for one of the others to disappear then there’s a complete set again (even though that means 2 socks are now missing!).

  4. oh this is my biggest issue!! We have a new system. As soon as he takes his socks off they go in the Aiden sock bucket and as soon as they get in the dryer they get paired:) Im going to keep those marriages together as long as i can~ :)

  5. best tip I’ve ever gotten in my favorite magazine (Real Simple) – get one of those washable bags that you’d wash your delicates in and when you remove socks, they all go in there. get a separate bag for each family member if need be. come laundry day, zip the bag shut and throw the whole thing in the wash. the socks never have the chance to get separated to begin with!! I have not lost a sock since I’ve started doing this (and I also haven’t ended up with any socks stuck in shirt sleeves!) :)

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