Ali has had a pretty bad cough for a couple of weeks now, compliments of a cold that just won’t quite go away. I took her to the doctor last week to make sure that it hadn’t turned into anything worse (since I tend to get Sinus Infections and Bronchitis from pretty much any cold), but after doing bloodwork and an exam, Dr. Amy really just thought that she had gotten another cold before fully getting over the first one.

Dr. Amy prescribed Ali some cold medicine, but it is the kind that makes her super crabby. So obviously, I use it as sparingly as possible. Pretty much only for bedtime, and occasionally during a nap if she is coughing a lot (and now I’m starting to doubt if it does anything for her cough). At Wednesday’s naptime, she woke up coughing after an hour and a half, which is when she usually wakes up halfway through her nap anyway. I decided that she had long enough left in her nap to sleep off the crankiness, so I decided to give her the dreaded med.

However, she took a toddler-napping-u-turn and didn’t fall back asleep.

So when I got her up, she was Miss Crankypants. Amanda came over, and she noticed too. She tactfully said, “I don’t think Ali feels good. . .”, and so I explained about the dreaded med.

I finally put Ali in my lap and had an eyeball to eyeball talk with her, telling her that she needed to have a happy heart and ask sweetly for things, etc etc.

When we finished our little talk, she hit the couch forcefully out of frustration.

I asked her, “Did that help?”

She nodded assuredly and said, “Feel better.”

She got up and walked away for a few minutes, and then all of a sudden her conscience took over and she had waves of repentance. She started apologizing to everything in sight.

“I sorry, Mommy.”
“I sorry, Amanda.”
“I sorry, Oro.” (Oreo the cat whom she had chewed out a few minutes earlier for stepping on her shapes)
“I sorry, Thomas.” (Thomas the Train – not sure what offense she caused with him)
“I sorry, Ali.” (I guess she was apologizing to herself for getting in trouble??)

And then she was all better.

Toddlers are odd little creatures.

6 thoughts on “Odd Toddlers on Dreaded Meds

  1. Yes you get props for catching up. Thanks a bunch. I just got the new blook, YEA!!!!! I hope Ali is better but you gotta love her apoligizing to everything. LYB, kitty

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