Ali doesn’t quite “get” closing her eyes. If you tell her to close her eyes, she does what she thinks is closing her eyes. Which is this:
But yet she thinks they are closed like when Mommy and Daddy close their eyes. Because Sunday night when we were doing bedtime prayers, she had gotten off focus, so I opened my eyes to make eye contact to get her back on track with praying. She looked at me sternly (with her squinty “closed” eyes) and said “Close Eyes!!”

Then yesterday, we were driving West on 459 at sunset. Yes. If you’ve ever done it you know how very painful it is. First, you see every speck and fingerprint on the windshield. Then you are completely overcome by the blinding sun and can’t see anything. Ever again. Completely burned retinas.

Anyway, Ali was saying “too bright! too bright!” . I couldn’t get the shades positioned to block the sun from her eyes, so I told her to close her eyes. Then I remembered how well she does that. So I quickly said, “No, put your hands over your eyes!” And miraculously, for the next 5 minutes, she rode, completely unmoving, in the following position:
(obviously, this is a reenactment so that no eyes were taken off of the interstate to take this picture. But it is an accurate portrayal of prior interstate events).

2 thoughts on “Eye Issues

  1. Cute pic! Ashley & I Loved seeing you guys yesterday. Ash was still talking about seeing Ali and all of the stuff she said. How funny is that? :)

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