This cracked me up. Can you pick out which kid has two older siblings that have taught him that it’s fun to make faces as soon as you see a camera?
For the record, the reason I was taking these pictures was because of my amazement of how easy it was to get six one year olds to sit on a tablecloth for snacktime. As soon as we got it out, they were magnetically drawn to it. If there was ever any question as to what drives a one year old. . .

17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Sunday School Snack Time

  1. Cute, cute pic. I used to volunteer in the toddler room at my churhc and the minute the gold fish came out, all 10 little bodieswere seated happily at the table. Snack time is magic.

  2. When I used to work in Ali’s room, I would go to the cabinet that I kept the crackers in and they would start coming to me. It was HILARIOUS! How easily you can train them when it’s something they want.

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