Thank you all for participating in this giveaway!

I used to select the random winners, and they are:

#20 – blueviolet

#27 – maweisberg

#71 – stokesmichellebrandy

Congratulations to the winners!! If I have your email address, I will be emailing you. If I DON’T have it, you have until October 15th to claim your prize, or I will re-draw and give it away again.

If you didn’t win but still would like the books, I do have a runner’s up prize for you (whether you entered the drawing or not!): a 20% off coupon to buy the books online! Here is the checkout code: A8140820

Just go to Jarrod’s Publisher, Reach Your City, put one or both books in your shopping basket, and then when you go through the checkout process, it will prompt you for a coupon code. Just enter it in then for your discount.

Keep an eye out, because I will have a new giveaway in a couple of weeks!!

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