I have had a wonderful week (especially compared to last week), and I am thankful for much!

I am especially thankful today for our many rich friendships and wonderful family.

What got me started thinking about this was Ali’s bedtime prayers last night. Every night, we ask her who she wants to pray for. Sometimes she’ll say someone, and sometimes she won’t. It is usually Mommy, Daddy, Eli, or AJ. But last night, she went through the list!! She asked to pray for Radford, Evie, Lydia, AJ, Eli, Lindsay, Ashley, Mommy, Daddy, Gramamma, Pop, and probably a few others I’m forgetting about! It was so precious to see how excited she was about praying for so many people!

Ali and I are BOTH thankful for ALL of our wonderful family and friends – – – that’s you!!!

OK – your turn!! What are you thankful for today? Leave it in a comment, or if you have a blog, write a post and link it in with Mr. Linky, and you can have the pleasure of welcoming my wonderful readers to your site!

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