Do anyone else’s hands already feel like this?:
I don’t get it. Yesterday was the first chilly-all-the-way-through-the-day day of the fall, but yet my hands have already felt dry, itchy, cracking, peeling and even painful for about a week. And I don’t even have that dry of skin.

And you KNOW how much I hate lotion. The thought of greasiness on my *HANDS* of all things gives me shudders. But I pulled it out last night anyway. So now I feel like I’m going to be leaving grease spots everywhere like the people with Soul Glo left on the couch in “Coming To America” (one of those movies that came out when my age was still in single digits, but Chris has made me watch to enhance my “cultural understanding of the 80’s”).

Anyway, since I’m having to use lotion on my hands anyway, I’m using that as a reminder to start using my face lotion again. Yes, yes, even though I told you here that I was still being faithful to use my old lady cream, sometime shortly thereafter I got out of the habit (aka I hated it enough that I “accidentally” forgot). But if I still want to look 10 years younger by our next family photo in January, I really need to get back on the lotionwagon.


Do you remember that stuff that Bath and Body Works made in the 90’s that was Talc Lotion? You rubbed it on and it was cold, then dried into a powder. It was awesome. Unfortunately, the main ingredient was alcohol (hence the cooling and powdering), which dried out your skin instead of moisturizing it, so they shortly took it off the market. Something about “false advertising” or something. . .

On a positive note, I am absolutely in LOVE with foamy soap. And I love that it is being put in almost all public restrooms. So many that I actually get surprised and disappointed when I hit the lever and it’s the old lotiony soap. Foamy soap is the opposite of greasy, and it doesn’t cling to your skin when you try to rinse it off. It is so delightful!

Now if they would only make foamy lotion. . .

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