Ali and I babysat AJ earlier this week, and as usual, the girls had a blast together. They are starting to play more “together” than just next to each other, and it’s so fun to watch them:
AJ also enjoyed posing for pictures. She was very much enjoying smiling, then looking at her picture.Ali, although usually loving to see pictures, was much too engrossed in understanding ALL of AJ’s toys:
Do you think they look more or less like each other than they did here, 6 months ago?

I also have a video of some of their fun over at B-Sides.

In other news, Ali is definitely attached to her squares-winnings-chair. She calls it “new chair”, and begs, “Play new chair!! Play new chair!!”

It is so amusing to me how toddlers pick up on their parent’s habits, even if they aren’t exposed to them all the time.

I always cuddle up in a blanket when on the couch – but usually this happens after Ali’s bedtime. But apparently she has seen me do this enough that she is aware of my habit and wants to be like Mommy. She found a blanket and made it her “new chair covers” – she leaves it in her chair, and every time she crawls into her chair, she pulls her covers over her. Then she’ll point to my blanket at say “Mommy’s covers!!”, wanting me to cover up also.And today, we took Ali to Tuscaloosa. We didn’t stay for the game, just for the tailgating. Here are a few pics:
Truly “tailgating” with Daddy:
Happy to sit in a “big girl chair”
Daddy bought Ali a doll when we were out on our walk. It got much love for the rest of the day.
Eating is always a potentially messy time at tailgating. . especially when the name of the food already begins with “sloppy” (joe’s).
Ali kept trying to sip-steal my coke (she’s never had it but she sure does try!!). Isn’t that a felony in 48 states?
Sitting with Papa:
Noooo, she’s not the center of attention. . .
Sharing celery with Mommy:
And really examining Kristina’s buttons.
It was a fun but exhausting day – we got her down for her nap at a record-late 3pm!! We woke her up at 6:15pm. I think she would have slept through the night if we hadn’t woken her up.

3 thoughts on “Photographical Evidence of the Week

  1. I am very impressed that the blanket she picked to go in her chair coordinates so well with it. And in that last pic of the chair, is that Ali or AJ in it? I honestly cannot tell!

    And what were you doing in a sleeveless shirt today? Weren’t you freezing? I had a sweater on all day! Are you picking up on Chris’ quirk of wearing shorts year-round, but converting it to wearing sleeveless shirts year-round? (it is a cute shirt, though.) ;)

  2. It’s Ali – you know I had noticed that it looked like AJ too. I guess they still DO look like twins!
    Oh I’m still much colder natured than Chris – I started out the day wearing a sweater, but it definitely warmed up by lunchtime! Ali and I both shedded layers partially through the day. Chris, on the other hand, started and ended the day in shorts and short sleeves.

  3. I love all the pictures. The girls look more alike now than they did at 6 months. They are both so cute together. I absolutely love the ones of ali in her new chair. They are too precious. And that’s neat how she is picking up on things that you guys do. That also means you have to be exceptionally careful of things that might not be so good for her to pick up. I’m sure you guys are pretty careful about that anyway though. :) :) I love miss Ali. I’m so glad you post pics on here. She’s the cutest.

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