I don’t know about you, but I love looking at food that is made and labeled in other countries. The labels are always so interesting. My mom brought a can of Dolmades (A Mediterranean dish of rice stuffed in grape leaves – they are delicious) over earlier in the week. This particular product was obviously manufactured in another country (Turkey, to be exact), but was labeled to be sold in the US as well as in Turkey. Which makes for some interesting comparisons.

Turkish Label:
American Label:Observation #1: It’s probably a good thing that we don’t call Calories “Energie” over here in the US. We have enough problems eating healthy. We need a word for them that has a negative connotation, like CALORIES. All I need is to see is to look at the side of a container of Edy’s Rocky Road Ice Cream and exclaim: “Wow! Look at all of the energy I’ll have if I eat this WHOLE carton!!”

Observation #2: Look closely at the serving sizes. Magically, the serving size DOUBLES when translated into English. And not only that, but we all know that we eat more than a “serving size” of most products. Could be a factor into our American “issues” as well.

And last but not least, my extremely boyish-sense-of-humor husband really got a kick out of the product name:
Tukas. I don’t think that would get them very far in America.

2 thoughts on “Imported Randomness

  1. pirinç dolma üzüm ayrılmak sağlam hoş iyi. I -cekti büyük olasılıkla değil tavsiye etmek eating kül at arabası -se bile!

    In honor of your tasty Turkish treat my comment is in Turkish!

  2. The Turkish (and German, that’s why I understand it ;)) size of 100g isn’t meant as a serving size, but we ususally have the information per 100g here in Europe and then additionally per serving size (but not on this can as it seems). I think it’s not such a good idea to look at the serving sizes that much anyway, I try to eat until I’m not hungry anymore and than it’s enough! :)

    Best wishes from Germany

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