I look forward to the middle of September starting sometime around March. .because. . . .Next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is. . . . . .

Greek Festival!!!

It is downtown at the Greek Orthodox Church. You can click on my annoyingly blinking announcement above for details, directions, etc.

If you have never been, by all means you should – the food at the Greek Festival is somehow better than all of the Greek Restaurants in town. It is amazing!! And super fun!!

I will be eating there as much as possible over it’s three days – believe me – it’s worth it.

I would like to organize a Mommies and kiddos (And grandparents, if they’d like to come) lunch there next week. I don’t want to publish the details on my blog, because, well, that just seems unwise. SO – if you want to join us, comment on this entry, email me or facebook me and I will give you the whens and wheres. Now let me warn you – It IS chaotic to go through the line and get your food and all – but well worth it. And Ali and I can get there a bit early to scope out some tables if we know who will be joining us.

Here are some of the wonderful delicacies that they will have:

  • Pites – Four filo triangles filled with feta cheese mixture or feta and spinach mixture.
  • Dolmathes – Grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice and topped with lemon.
  • Souvlakia – Marinated lamb skewered and grilled on an open fire.
  • Greek Chicken – Greek-style chicken at its finest, baked and basted in a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, and oregano.
  • Pasticho – a wonderful combination with layers of macaroni, ground beef in a Greek tomato sauce, topped with a layer of delicious cream bechamel sauce.
  • Gyro Sandwich – Grilled slices of seasoned beef and lamb topped with lettuce and Greek tsaziki sauce and rolled in warm pita bread.
  • Greek Salad – Traditional Greek salad tossed with Greek dressing and topped with feta, calamata olives, and salonika peppers.

As well as these pastries:

  • Baklava – Layer upon layer of buttered filo and ground pecans bathed in a honey syrup.
  • Chocolate Baklava – Classic baklava dipped in chocolate.
  • Almond Crescent – Butter cookie with almonds.
  • Kataifa – Shredded wheat filled with nuts and honey.
  • Melomakarona – Honey and nut cookie topped with chopped pecans.
  • Kourambethes – Greek wedding cookie sprinkled with powdered sugar.
  • Koulourakia – Butter coffee twists.
  • Loukoumathes – Greek fried donuts, dipped in warm honey and sprinkled with cinammon.

. . . and although they do have much dancing and greek music, there is no belly dancing. Sorry.

If you don’t have my email address or facebook, respond to this post that you’re interested in coming, and we’ll get in touch!!

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