First of all: To my Aunts and Cousins who will be checking this blog for a thorough pictorial documentation of the family picnic: Forgive me because it seems that we took more pictures of our own child than of the picnic. We missed her. What can I say? Maybe Lindsay was more unbiased than we were. But we did manage to get a few pics of some of the other adorable kiddos (and adults!).

Here are a few pictures from Labor Day and today.

Yesterday morning we went on a family bike ride in and around the quaint, FLAT neighborhoods of old Trussville, then played at the Trussville park. Here are Ali and I after our bike ride: happy girls sharing our water!!
A special kiss for Daddy at the park:
Yesterday afternoon, we had a Zannis family picnic at my parent’s house. It was a blast! And all of the cousins had such a wonderful time playing together. The following are pics from it:
Ali got to hold Eli for the first time:
Studying him intently:
She kept saying “all done Eli” and trying to scoot out from under him. When I finally let her go, the pride of what she had done kicked in. She immediately started beaming and saying “Ali hold Eli!! Ali hold Eli!!”

Dad taking all of the kids for a ride in Granddad’s Model T. Can you tell it was a photo op?
Coming back from the ride. . .
Ali looking a bit windblown:
Coloring time!!
Very proud of herself for something. .
Ali coloring with Samuel and Parker!
“I can melt your heart even with a blue chalk mustache. . . “
Trying to feed Ali. Chris apparently thought that this looked awkward enough to be a photo op.
My daughter is such a graceful eater.
Eating “Blueberries and dip” – Blueberry Crisp with Ice Cream.
Pop and Eli – Eli looks a bit confused.
We were trying to get Ali to kiss Eli.
“She’s going to do WHAT to me?!?!?!”
Ali refused, fake coughing to pretend she was too sick to kiss the baby. Eli is relieved.
Pretty Parker with pretty pink chalk makeup.
Adorable Sophie. . .
Also with pretty pink chalk makeup.
Ali driving “Pop’s Old Car”.
Ali showing us what the bunny rabbit says:
Playing “weeee” in the “big girl chair”.
Today we went to the park with Ashley and AJ. Ali was so glad to see AJ again!! AJ wasn’t at Church Sunday, and Mom said that Ali about had a “come apart” when she got to the nursery and found that there was no AJ (she had been chanting “Play AJ” from the time they got on the road going to the Church – she knew what was coming!).
Here they are, happy to be together again, swinging!
Ali being silly:A best friend’s kiss:
“Petting AJ” – it looks like she’s rubbing her belly.
Driving the “Pop’s Old Car” at the park.
So yes, although we had a WONDERFUL time in Atlanta, it sure is good to be home with Ali again!

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