You know all of those Delta Dental commercials and billboards that will have something like “Pop’s Donuts and Opthamologist” or something like that?

The point, of course, is that Delta Dental specializes in just one area, therefore making them superior in that area.

So now I have request. Jillian Michaels, of Biggest Loser training fame, please, please, PLEASE stick to what you know best. You are an awesome fitness trainer. Please stick to training.

Jillian was “counseling” Michelle, one of her team members, last night on her issues with her Mom Renee, whom she is competing on the show with, because Renee had divorced Michelle’s dad 6 years ago, taken her two sisters with her, but left Michelle behind with her Dad. Obviously, Michelle had issues with abandonment, not being good enough, that her Mom really left because of her, etc. So, to try and help her forgive her Mom, Jillian says the following:

You should be happy for your Mom, because your Mom did the best thing that she could have done for all of you by leaving your family, because she wasn’t happy. . .she had fallen out of love. Would YOU want your child to be in a loveless marriage?

Both Chris and my jaws hit the floor.

If I were a ranter, which I am going to try and not do here, I think I could literally go on for days about this quote. I think I could quote enough from marriage books, the bible, and PLAIN OLD COMMON SENSE to make this post at least 53 pages long. But I try not to rant on here, so I will just say this:

Jillian, how is it that you expect your contestants to not give up, to work their butts off, and to do whatever crazy things it takes to lose weight and keep it off, but if a person is “unhappy” in a marriage, the BEST thing they can do for everyone involved is walk out of it?

No work? No effort? No determination? That’s IT!?!?!

I really hope that struggling couples across America didn’t buy into Jillian’s logic last night. Because making decisions solely on the idea of chasing one’s OWN happiness never ever works, in the long run.

5 thoughts on “Stick to What You Know

  1. I also believe that marriage is a forever commitment.Nothing in life is going to be easy.That shouldn’t be an excuse to walk out of something that you took vows to commit to.

  2. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I, too, could go on for pages ranting on this, but I won’t. I will suffice it to say, Happiness is fleeting and will never provide lasting satisfaction. “The pursuit of happiness” mentioned in our Declaration of Independence has been misconstrued to mean something totally against what the Founding Fathers meant. If one wants lasting satisfaction, one should pursue the only ONE who can give it – Jesus Christ.

  3. Great post girl.. right to the point.. Jorge and I were watching a business show one time.. very popular show on MSNBC.. and the host took a call from a lady who wanted to start her own business and her husband wasn’t supportive. The host then said, “if your husband isn’t supportive of your dreams..then its time to find a new husband.” This was their “wonderful advice.” WoW! our culture needs Jesus!

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