We sold our tickets this week and just came for the day to hang out so that we could bring Ali to soak up some atmosphere. Which means getting to T-Town (1 1/2 hr drive) at a generous 9am (generous because Chris used to want to get here before daybreak. Thank goodness for Ali!!).

Why not go to the game, you ask? Well, for one, you have to pay full price for a ticket for ALL children, even if you’re taking an infant in. And for two, Ali would LOVE it for the first, eh, 10 minutes. Then she would be bored and squirmy. Oh yeah – and for three, the game would end approximately 2.5 hours after her bedtime, plus the 2+ hours of getting home in the traffic. . . well, you get the picture.

We’re not that brave. Maybe in a couple of years.

So here are pics from our day:
Ali in her new gear: a Cheerleading uniform.
Unfortunately, it DOES just say “Bama”, instead of Alabama. As I have blogged about (and have since gotten teased about – ahem, Deidre), this is obviously not my preference, when buying a cheerleading outfit in the size of 2T, options are limited. And it is cute.Ali was completely enamored by all of the inflatable Big Al’s. Every time she would see one, she would run towards it and say, “see ephant!! see ephant!!”
. . . ESPECIALLY when she found this one that was her size:
She rode “up high” and went on a walk with Daddy to socialize with all of the tailgating neighbors. . .
What amazed me the most is how happy she was just to sit in a “big girl chair”. She sat in her chair for at least 30 minutes without getting up several times throughout the day. I can’t believe how all of a sudden she is “ok” with being still! She found things to entertain her while sitting, but she really had no interest in getting up and running around (for the most part). Granted, we may have worn her out on our long walk, but still. . . .

She loved the “hot fishies” that Miss Debbie made. They had some sort of spicy seasoning on them, but she’s got her Daddy’s tastebuds, so it didn’t bother her.
She liked shaking them. I was proud of this picture. Look how all of the goldfish are up in the air. . . uh huh. I’m that good. OK. Lucky. ;)
Watching football on TV and clapping. . .
Sharing juice with Mommy. . .
Just kidding!! Or as she says, “TEASE!!!”
She reallllly loved playing with cousin Eli’s football. . .
Spiking it:
Holding it:
. . . and laying on it. She got sleepy, laid her head on the football, and said “ni ni. . . “
. . . at which point I was able to take her inside the building that we park outside of and she took a 2.5 hour nap – while I sat across the room from her and read and worked on this blog and others.

Oh – and one bonus picture of JC and Eli! See – it wasn’t ALL about Ali. . .
Isn’t he the cutest? Eli, that is. :)

10 thoughts on “A Shameless "All-Pictures-Of-Our-Child" Blog – A Day in Tuscaloosa.

  1. Thanks!! I have a point and click Canon because I can’t stand the thought of lugging around a huge camera.
    It is a Canon Powershot SD 950 IS (I ordered it from Amazon), and I am very happy with it. It certainly doesn’t take the ultra crisp and professional looking photos of a SLR (big camera), but it is a great one for carrying everywhere.
    Since you’re curious, I’m curious: who are you? :) I love knowing my reader’s names, and reading their blogs if they have them.

  2. Those are super cute pictures of Ali and Eli. Ali looks so adorable in her cheerleading gear. :) Go Bama. :) Hahahaha. :)

  3. I’m Jasmin.The one who asked about the camera.I have a blog,that’s how I found this one.But,I know you wouldn’t be interested in it.I’ve been reading since maybe a couple of weeks before your blog post about the different types of bloggers and I’m definitely the whiner one.My blog is basically a place to vent my frustrations.
    I’m not sure how to put just my name with my comments.Or if that’s even possible.

  4. Hi Jasmin! Nice to officially meet you!
    That “blog types” post was meant to be just in fun. I really do like reading all types of blogs! Feel free to email me your blog link to rvzcallahan@aol.com, but if not that’s fine too.
    And as far as commenting, you can always just write your name at the bottom of your comment, or if not, you can pull down the box next to “comment as” and choose an account type. For instance, if you have a blogspot blog, choose google and do your sign in for your blog. You don’t have to – I certainly don’t mind anonymous commenters, just thought you’d like to know how to.
    Nice to meet you!

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