One of my favorite sites, 5 Minutes for Mom, is having another photo contest!!! And, I usually get a bit coo coo when they have one of these. Just check out my SEVEN painfully planned and put together posts at the end of July – before I realized that I could only post one. Also, I got in the finals in April with this entry, so ever since then, the 5MFM Photo bug has bit me!!

This contest is for pictures of sleeping angels, and the prize is an entire kid’s bedroom suite!! (Of course, I would pick the beautiful Lily Rose set)

Here is my entry: Ali at Aunt Kitty and Uncle Leo’s beach house taking a super quick power nap (with milk still in-hand-and-on-chin)- all snuggly and cuddly, on the floor. That’s when you know she’s comfortable at your house!!!
p.s. – shameless plug for 5 Minutes for Mom – check out this site run by one of the twins that runs 5MFM – these retro toys and pedal cars look so much fun – and totally something my Dad would have bought us as kids!

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