OK – so I think I was way too brave in my last post, saying I’m not worried about having surgery.

I really AM NOT worried about the actual surgery, or the hospital or needles or anesthesia or throwing up in the recovery room and on the ride home. That I can handle. But, today as I have pondered the full effects of this upcoming event, I have gotten very “un-looking-forward-to” the recovery time AFTER the surgery.

And I have a lot of questions.

Like, how long until I’ll be able to pick Ali up? How long will I have to stay in the hospital? How long will I have to be on pain meds that make me puke my guts up unless I’m also on anti-nausea meds that make me black out? And therefore a) not be able to care for Ali, and b) have to have someone with me?

And on and on.

Also, I’m not too happy about having yet another body part removed. I just had a foot bone removed two years ago. At this rate, how many years until I have no parts left?!?!

And why is my body seemingly so much more fragile than Chris’?? In our 7 1/2 years of marriage, I remember Chris going to the doctor ONCE. And this will be my FOURTH SURGERY, not even considering my countless visits to the doctor.

Although, for the record, Chris says my C-Section doesn’t count, because that was his doing as much as mine – I was just the one that had to have the baby removed.

Obviously I am very happy that Chris is so healthy (especially since he’s 5 1/2 years older than me – good thing that I picked a healthy old man!!), I just wish I were as healthy as him!

Anyway, am I falling apart prematurely? Am I going to be a fake hipped, dentured, arthritis-achin’, backbone-fused old lady at the young age of 45??

OK – I know this may either sound like a whiner blog or it may sound like I’m joking and taking all of this too lightly.

I think I actually feel somewhere in between.

7 thoughts on “My Thoughts as the Day Continued. . .

  1. I’ll bet they do the surgery laproscopically so it won’t be too bad. Mom had hers out and I don’t remember it being that incredibly painful for her….and she’s got a very LOW pain tolerance!

  2. I think you’ll be just fine. I’m sure that you won’t be able to pick Ali up for a while. You may have to have your mom around. All of these are questions for your doctor though. Pick up the phone tomorrow and call him to ask. :) :) Then you’ll know for sure. :)

  3. Amanda, that actually does make me feel better. Maybe it’s a more minor surgery than I was getting geared up for. Thanks!

  4. Come on, Rach! You’ve gone through the C-section thing! Nothing can be worse than that, I don’t think. (all 3 of mine were C-sections) When I had David, that was my biggest fear, when could I pick up Harris, who was only 20 mos at the time. However, we found ways of getting around it. I would sit on the couch and let him carefully climb onto my lap. He never realized I wasn’t able to pick him up. So, if you are limited in picking things up, you will find ways to hold your baby no matter what the doctors’orders are!

  5. I can tell you exactly how long. The surgery is laproscopically so you won’t stay in the hospital you get to go home the same day. You will be soar, if you had a C-section I am told it is like that as far as soarness but the recovery time is alot less. It may be a few days before you can pick up Ali and you won’t her climbing on your stomach but I was pretty mobile after a week and I had to pick up stuff at work (although I did try to limit it for awhile) but I am not a mom with a toddler. I actually only took the prescription pain meds at night after the actual day of the surgery the rest of the time Advil was fine.

    If there is anything else I can tell you let me know.

    I am a little older than you but feel the same way at 32 I have had to have my gall bladder removed and a cyst removed my foot. Now I am plagued with foot problems galore and until the whole gall-bladder thing never went to the doctor or been in the hospital. Actually it started with a severe allegery reaction that sent me to the ER. I don’t know why all of the sudden I feel like my body is falling apart. I mean I am young, heck I don’t even have children yet.

  6. Thanks, Leanna! That is very helpful.
    I talked to the nurse and she said it would only be a couple of days that I couldn’t take care of Ali, and then I would be fine.

    I have an appointment next Tuesday, and will have surgery within a week from there. I’m really hoping for Friday, because then Chris could easily help me all weekend, and then I should be good to go on Monday.

    So maybe it won’t be bad at all!!

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