Ali has a mega-crush on Thomas the Train. As Mom mentioned in her guest blog, all Ali has to do is hear a train, and she sighs and says in the most I’m-a-highschool-girl-talking-about-my-biggest-crush voice, “THOMAS. . . “

She knows about Thomas because we have a couple of Thomas books. We read them quite often. Last week, I thrilled her by buying her Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel trains. She LOVES them and takes them everywhere.

On Saturday, I DVR’ed her first episode of Thomas and Friends from PBS. Since we had a busy weekend, we didn’t get around to watching it for the first time until Monday afternoon. I had not mentioned the TV show to her at all, but she is THIS obsessed with Thomas: I went to get her from her afternoon nap on Monday, and said “I have a surprise for you!!”, to which she immediately responded, “THOMAS!!”. Shocked, I said, “Yes!!! Thomas on TV!”

When I turned it on, she squealed with delight – it is so amazing to see a child discover something that amazes them so much!! She was just overcome with excitement over being able to watch Thomas on TV.

She doesn’t watch too much TV, and usually when she does (Veggie Tales), she sits still for about 30 seconds, then she’s off. But she sat on the couch, with her fingers in her mouth and Thomas, Annie and Clarabel in her lap for 25 minutes of the 30 minute show.

The not-so-wordless Wednesday pics are from her joyful discovery of Thomas on TV.

6 thoughts on “It Started Out as Wordless Wednesday. . .

  1. We are big Thomas fans here in our house.. My oldest wasn’t so much though she did have a video of Thomas when she was about two.. But my 2nd one fell in love with Thomas and I spend an arm and a leg getting him all the wooden sets and all, my 3rd played with them but wasn’t inlove.. Then came my baby and he has lived and Breathed Thomas for the last 3 years.
    So cute
    Happy WW

  2. Yes, Thomas is HUGE in our house. In fact, last week was David’s b’day, and he had a Thomas party. So when we do finally get that dinner with y’all scheduled, Ali will be in Thomas heaven. We have enough trains and tracks to wrap around our entire living room! Have you been to “Day Out With Thomas”? It comes to Calera in April. It’s SO much fun for Thomas fans. You can go to the Thomas website and find out more about it.

  3. That is too cute! Mia used to love to watch Thomas too but her sensitive spirit got the best of her and she would say that the trains weren’t being nice (because they always have a frown on their face and she didn’t want them to fight), so anyways we had to mark that one off the list:)

  4. I bet she would love the train tables. Sawyer has never been into watching Thomas on t.v. and Lola has never seen it. Sawyer does love playing with the plastic trains we have at home and reading the books. There is a kids store here that we go to and they have one of the wooden train tables set up for kids to play with. Sawyer and Lola absolutely love it!

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