. . . and the crazies descended upon Atlanta.

No, no no. I’m not talking about these crazies:I will talk about the football game in my next post.

No, there were other crazies in Atlanta this weekend. Crazies that made all of the tailgating, facepainted, Bear Bryant and Denny Chimes Tattooed, Toilet Paper/Tide Box wearing, Screaming and high-fiving total stranger-Alabama fans look like boring accountants (such as myself – the accountant part, that is).

Yes. It’s true.

It all started Friday night. When we were on our way to our Greek Dinner Adventure, we noticed a whole bunch of people dressed up in wild costumes waiting around the block of a large building. We figured some new, out-there reality show was auditioning.

Then, Saturday morning as we were laying in bed and relaxing, we heard much cheering. We figured that we could just hear GameDay from our hotel.

THEN we looked out the window. And alas, there was a . . .very interesting. . .parade going on right outside!!

Chris took a peek at the Atlanta paper, and discovered that Dragon*Con was going on, which is “the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the US.” And oh boy, were they cultural.

The first set of pics are taken with my zoom from our 11th story hotel room, so pardon the quality.

Here was my first view:
. . . interesting.

Then came some toddler-colored stormtroopers of some variety:
Then the. . . umm. . . the Hundred Dollar band??
Some “dignitaries”:A dragon and his related bounty hunters?
I dunno on this one. . . the protector of the Bunny Race?
Some Pirates,
And their mother ship. Pulled by an Econoline, of course.
An oddly placed military brigade (maybe they’ll catch the Pirates):Oh yes, the Trekkies:Could someone please tell me what this car is supposed to look like?
This looked to me like the cast of a very unentertaining Australian children’s show:Xena Warrior Princess and her entourage??
It was inevitable: it was time for the Star Wars “enthusiasts” to start their part of the Parade.
Why not start out with Pez renditions?Then the Luke Skywalkers:
All of the Leia’s:
I don’t remember what these guys are called:
The scary general guys and the Darth’s:
Um. . . I don’t remember a bagpipe player in Star Wars, but ok. . .He was very good at the theme song.
Enough stormtroopers to make anyone worry about terrorist activity:
ugly people:
Scary Scary bad guys:
Phew! Those were just some of the shots of the parade, and we missed the first half hour of it!

Later, we got out to go find some lunch. That’s when the fun really began.

It was unbelievably crowded, with all of the sidewalks cram packed with Alabama fans, Clemson fans, and people dressed in the most bizarre costumes walking around as if they were completely normal. This is when the crazies really applies. At least the parade seemed to be made up of themed outfits. Some of the following outfits you will see. . . well if you can tell me what they are supposed to be, I’ll be amazed.

I love how there’s Old-conservative-white-guy-Alabama-fan waiting to cross the street with Alice in Wonderland and . . . I don’t remember the other character’s name.
Then, while I was trying to photograph this character. . .
I managed to spot (through the camera) some of our tailgating buddies / one of Chris’ co-workers. Thank goodness for all of the crazies giving me my ultra-attunedness to the crowds around me!
Oh – and in case you were concerned, Dragon*Con is handicap-accessible:
Chris’ favorite: we saw Sir Galahad from the Ever-famous Monty Python and the Holy Grail! He offered to knight Chris:
So happy to be an official M.P. Knight!!!
Don’t know who these guys are, but they were glad to pose to get their pics taken.
. . . which was a theme that I found across the crazie board. Here I am, stalking and sneaking around to get pictures, and they are more than willing to pose. In fact, in the most controversial photo I have (we debated whether to even publish it), as I was gawking at the girl’s costumes, the guy (mr. orange suit), was apparently trying to get my attention to tell me that they’d be glad to pose with me for a picture. Of course I wasn’t paying any attention to him, but by the time I did, he was mad at me for ignoring him, threw his hands up in the air, and kept walking. Here they are, trying to hold their skirts over their rears, because this was all they had on, people, in the middle of Downtown Atlanta!!! And yes, this is the most modest photo I had of them:
Moving along (quickly!!), here are some. . .male angels?
. . . I have the song “Teen Angel” stuck in my head with a slight lyrical change. . .

One of my favorites. Can anyone explain who she is supposed to be??
Got a glimpse of Professor Snape. Wish I’d gotten a front shot – it was very accurate!!
Mrs. Pirate with her schooly boyfriend?
And last but not least, one of my favorites because she reminds me of my bad-fake-tanning-junior-high days:My favorite memory of this extremely entertaining photo shoot:

I’m standing outside of Hard Rock Cafe waiting for our table (for a very long time, due to all of the football crazies and crazie crazies in town), waiting for Chris to get back from his mission of trying to find a less crowded restaurant and mad at myself for not getting the camera from him because of all of the crazie photo ops I was missing, and a male and female crazie walk up to me and the male crazie says in a run on sentance:

“may we look at your shirt? this is exactly what i’m talking about!! it’s perfect!! see? don’t you think they’d love it? (then to me) I’m a t-shirt designer and i’ve been trying to sell this design to my bosses and they don’t get it.”

female: “yes, i see! you want to get a picture of it?”

male (sounding dejected): “it’s ok. . .”

me, highly amused at the thought of a crazie photographing me: “it’s ok, you can take a picture of it!”

male, gushing: “oh thank you!!! (female pulls out camera phone) pardon us while we photograph your chest!!”

Of course, Chris walks up at this very moment.

I quickly explain to Chris that he designs t-shirts and SHE is taking a picture because he was trying to explain the idea of my shirt to his bosses.

Later I assure Chris that I would have never let a crazie photograph my chest if it had been only male crazies, but since there was a female, I assumed that this wasn’t an awkward crazie pickup line, but that he was indeed a t-shirt designer.

Chris was appeased, I think.

By the way, my “shirt” is my new gear that I told you I would have to buy to get myself in the mood for football season. Which I promise, football will be included in my next post!!!

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