Baby Woods is here!!

He is 7.7 lbs and 20.25 inches long!

Woods is my third “Grandbaby”, born to proud parents Barkley and Jeremy.

I am beyond thrilled!! It kills me that he’s in Charleston and I’m in Orange Beach, but maybe we can see him soon!

OH – and I MUST say that he came on the day that I predicted. Go me!!! Anyone need a baby prediction??

Be sure and leave your congratulations to Bark and Jeremy here! They’ll definitely see them and appreciate them!

p.s. – you like my “censored” box? Ha! :D

9 thoughts on “Woods has arrived!

  1. I only predict currently pregnant moms. So, unless there’s something you’re not telling me. . . .

  2. OK – so I’ve been considering Natalie’s birth prediction for a day or so now, and I think I’ve settled on September 8th.

  3. Awesome! A few days early will be a nice treat for me. Thanks Rachel. From your mouth to God’s ears.


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