One of Ali’s favorite original games is to “Play Wee”. Not quite the same as when we play Nintendo Wii, but she thinks it is the same thing and loves it. The rules to Wee are as follows: toddler stands up on the couch and falls onto the back of it and “slides” down, while gleefully yelling “WEEEEEEEEE!!”. All of this with parental referees, of course.

Last night she decided that she would make a slight rules change to Wee, substituted the couch for Daddy’s lap. After a few minutes of her falling backwards onto him, Daddy resorted to adding a pillow into their game of wee. Not sure why. . . :) Anyway, she played Wee for a good 10 minutes or so -it’s amazing how a most of the time a toddler’s attention span is approximately 1.03 seconds but can go on for days when the object of their attention might be causing discomfort or exhaustion to the parent involved.

Here’s a video of the very end of their game. You’ll see at the end why it was deemed the end of their game.

5 thoughts on “Weeee

  1. Very cute. :) :) She looked like she was having so much fun. I hope she didn’t hurt herself by falling back onto the floor. :)

  2. She is so cute. My Alyssa just loves to see pictures and video of Ali. Alyssa loves to “Weeee” too but for her that means to swing or to slide because when you do those things you say “Weeee!” When we go to the playground people always turn and look at me funny when I ask Alyssa “Do you want to weee?” They quickly find that I am not asking her to go potty.

  3. That’s adorable! I’m sure Alyssa loves watching Ali because you’ve explained to her that Ali is her Step-Second-Cousin-In-Law-Once-Removed, right? (I had to think about that one for quite a while to get it right!) :D

  4. Your comment made me laugh out loud. I would have had no idea how to explain their relationship to each other.

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