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Ali and AJ are BEST friends. They talk about each other every day, and are happiest when they are with each other! Our families went on a beach trip together this summer, and those two little girls were in absolute heaven! Here are the best friends holding hands with each other, and with their beloved Daddies. That is true summer heaven.

2 thoughts on “True Summer Fun

  1. What did they think of the water? We’re taking our 14-month-old to the beach in a few weeks. I hope she enjoys it.

  2. They LOVED it!! Toddlers are funny though – mine was perfectly comfortable with the ocean but a little more timid about the pool. Her best friend would jump into the pool but didn’t really want to get in the ocean. On this trip, they were 17 and 20 months old. Mine was less scared when she was around 14 months. Yours should do great!!

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