This is a photo for another great 5 Minutes for Mom contest!!

Ali is a very girlie girl. Any time she sees a mess or anything on the floor that shouldn’t be there, she points, gets a worried face, and says quite dramatically, “OH NOOO!!!”.

It was Daddy’s birthday, and I wanted to help her do something special for him.

Finger painting!!

At first, she was quite unsure about getting so messy. I kept reiterating to her that it was for Daddy, and that is what helped her start getting into it. This picture was when she was the MOST consumed with her task at hand. She was fully committed to making Daddy the perfect present!!

The finished artwork now proudly has the prime real estate in wall space in Daddy’s office.

For the full “picture story”, click here.

10 thoughts on “Summer Fun!!!

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading the story behind this painting and all of the pictures. In fact I like all the pictures that you post on this blog. They really are amazing.

    I’m so glad that I have found your blog as I have truly enjoyed reading through it. I have added you to my feed reader so that I can keep up.

    I too have entered a photo into this contest and wanted to wish you the best of luck.

    I’ve also entered my photo into another contest that is going on this week. Please check it out! I appreciate any votes I can get! :)

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