This is SUCH an honor and I am so very excited! I have been featured in The Sampler on the ever-so-popular 5 Minutes for Mom blog! I kind of feel like I’ve been featured on Oprah’s Book Club for blogs!! (Happy Sigh)

I wrote and submitted this post about 5 weeks ago when Ali was giving us a (thankfully short) preview of the movie, “Terrible Two’s”, coming to a house near us January 2009. I was so excited when it was chosen!!

You can either click the button on the left or click HERE to read my article at 5 Minutes for Mom.

For those of you who are visiting my site for the first time due to my Sampler article, WELCOME! I’m SO VERY glad you came!

I blog about my life, motherhood, day to day events, and my relationship with God, all while trying to make it entertaining, and even funny on a good day. Please feel free to peruse the site, and especially check out my “most popular posts” I have listed at the left. They include stories about art made from my Uncle’s toenail clippings annually for my Aunt’s Christmas presents, a photographic rendering of everything I learned NOT to do with my baby during the first year of her life (or maybe everything that I learned wasn’t so dangerous after all – but I’m not admitting which it is!), my only venture into political blogging in the form of “The Moment of Truth”, how I managed to brutally wound myself while sleepwalking, and various other adventures and stories.

I’m so glad you visited, and I hope you enjoy your stay! And be sure to fill out a comment card before you leave to receive a $3 coupon for your next visit! ;)

10 thoughts on “I’ve been featured at 5 Minutes for Mom!!

  1. Congratulations!!!!! I am so thrilled for you! And it was a wonderful post! You are so mature for your years – as a person and as a mommy. You go, girl!

  2. Very good blog. Thanks for sweet words. Children teach us so much about ourselves and God. They keep us on our knees in dependence on Him for wisdom. As for illogical teenage stage- my favorite story to tell is when you would ask permission to go somewhere with a friend or to their house. Sometimes I would say “no” for “mommy reasons” (you’ll understand this more at a later parenting stage). You would beg and plead to go, but I would just tell you “not this time”. After some time of pleading to no avail, you would return to the phone and give the friend the bad news, “Mom won’t let me go!” After hanging up the phone, you would come back and tell me, “Thanks Mom, I really didn’t want to go anyway.” I never understood why we had to go through the begging and pleading stage. Oh,well.. I guess I must have made the right decision…. I love you, Mom

  3. I loved your entry at 5 minutes. You have a wonderful gift. You are a talented storyteller. I love reading your blog. It is entertaining and relatable. I think that was my favorite post yet. It may have something to do with the moody 16 month old I’m living with:)

    1. Thank you! I had no recollection of that post, so I went back and read it. And oddly enough, it was on a day where my 21 month old (now) was acting ridiculously and uncharacteristically horrible. Thank you for getting me to read that!!!

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