You know how girls can carry on about seven conversations at once, and guys are just completely unable to follow the different trains of thought all intermingled? Well, Chris actually lost me in multiple conversations the other night.

Wednesday evening, I was reading the comments on my Guantanamo post, and I told Chris “Oh yay! Lindsay thinks I found my sense of humor!! That’s good!”, to which Chris immediately said, “I can’t read your blog without it!”

I was taken aback and said . . . “wh-wh-what?” in a meek, sad little voice (luckily for Chris, my response to getting my feelings hurt is sad, not mad!!). He said “you know, without Google Reader! What we were just talking about!! My iPhone locks up when I try to go straight to your blog”.

We collapsed into laughter after we both realized that he had NOT, in fact, just told me that my blog is unbearable to read without my sense of humor.

Now that I think about it, though, he never said that it wasn’t unbearable to read. . . hmmm.

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Read Your Blog Without It!!

  1. I’m sorry Rachel. I’ve been here reading, just not commenting. You know, the head cold thing….
    Preston and I play catch up all the time like that with our conversations. Quite entertaining!

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