Today we discovered today that 9 A.M. is a wonderful time to go to the zoo. All of the animals are so much more awake, interactive, and active!! The monkeys were howling, the flamingos were talking to everyone who walked by, the kangaroos were actually near the fence, the tiger was right up against the glass, and the giraffes were quite intent on watching our every move. We went with the P’s and had a delightful time.

As I said, The tiger was right up against the glass pacing. Ali loves to watch the tigers and say “ROAR!!”, but the tiger being just inches away from her definitely robbed her of her brazen friendliness with the tiger.

Here she is walking up to see the tiger at Mommy’s excited urging, seeing as how the tiger was so close!!
Running as fast as she can away from the tiger after realizing how very close he was!!
Finding a safe distance from which to watch the tiger. Notice that Hannah is MUCH braver than Ali!!
Of course I wanted a picture of Ali with the tiger, so I urged her to go see him again. All of the pictures that I got show her looking VERY trepidatious about being so close to him, which is kind of fitting.
The exhibit right after the tiger was the bobcat. Ali was VERY comfortable with him, seeing as how his size was much more manageable than the tiger!! She chased him back and forth, and even petted him through the glass.
Here are the girls watching the monkeys. As interesting as they were and as obliging as they were to come up to the glass and see the girls. . .
. . . looking at themselves in the mirror was just as fascinating.
All three of our cuties in front of the “fishies” home
After the tiger, Ali had quite the courage to comb the goat – a first!!

2 thoughts on “A Healthy Fear of Tigers

  1. We have also been going around 9 or 9:30 in the morning. It’s way better! We were just there yesterday:)

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