Ali and I were in my office today, and she started walking quickly to the door, which faces the laundry room. Right as she got to the door, the dryer did it’s horrible, long, loud buzz (which I don’t think she’s ever heard before since she’s usually napping when I do laundry, but today she didn’t nap long so alas she heard the buzz). She was so shocked that she immediately dropped to the floor, then quickly got up, and ran to me as fast as she could, crying all the way. She clung to me as tightly as she could, whimpering. It was such a funny looking chain of events (the running then immediate drop, up, and run all in about a second and a half) that I kind of chuckled after hugging her for a few seconds. She jerked back and looked at me, like, “How could you LAUGH at this tragedy?!?!?” so I went back to hugging her.

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