I guess that my terrible 2 days of terrible 2’s (Thursday and Friday) served to draw Ali and I closer, rather than making further apart, thank goodness. Or maybe it was that I was so busy yesterday with the Shower and the Reception. But at any rate, she was quite attached to me, and very loving and sweet. However, all love has it’s limit.

We were sitting together in the living room, and I told her that I was going to get her neck sugars, and then proceeded to do so. She jerked back, looked at me reproachfully, and sternly said, “POP’S neck sugars!!!!”

A little bit later, we were about to get ready to go to Esther’s reception, and I said “let’s go get ready”, not saying for what. I didn’t think she’d know what I was talking about. She started clapping and said “YAY!!!”, and disappeared into the kitchen. She came back carrying her shoes, sat down in the floor and while trying to put them on, was saying “on. on. bye bye!!”. It’s really amazing what they pick up and understand!

At the reception last night, I gave her a fork to “play” with while we ate. (I just started letting her use a fork yesterday after, at her 18 month old checkup when the doctor asked how she did with a fork, I had to embarrassingly admit that I had been too lazy to let her learn to eat with one – still using the finger food method). Anyway, I had broken up a Hershey’s Kiss for her (out of reach, of course), and had given her almost all of the bites by hand to minimize chocolate risk, when she started stabbing for it and saying “fork! have it!! have it!!”.

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  1. She was so cute in the nursery this morning. When I came in with Averi they walked up to each other and Averi said “HI!” and Ali very clearly said “Hi Averi”-SO CUTE! That is the cutest little class. They all had to take turns coming and sitting in my lap when I was on the floor:)

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