They are home and Eli is doing great!!!
Below is old info; obviously I got the photos up. But you can still visit them on Facebook too.
Argh. . .No luck on getting the pics uploaded – Blogger picked today to have “internal errors”. However, I’m resourceful – I made a facebook album, and anyone (regardless of whether you’re a facebook member) can see it by clicking
here. However, let me know if you have any problems seeing it!!

4 thoughts on “THEY ARE HOME!

  1. Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger. It really is nice to be able to be in the loop from another state! I appreciate your blogging!

  2. I appreciate it too, Rach! Thanks for keeping everyonne up to speed.

    Things are going well here at home so far. You know – eat, sleep, poop :).

  3. Many thanks for all the wonderful blogs. Lindsay and JC are lucky to have such a wonderful sister to take the time to keep everyone updated.

    P.S. I love all your blogs not just the Eli related ones.

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