We went to visit Eli tonight!! He is home safe and sound, and is definitely glad to be home (as are his parents!!). Here are some quick shots I got tonight:

Soooo tired. . . .
Life is stressful. . .
Next to Uncle Chris’ baby present: Eli’s first NCAA Football!

No more pictures, people!!
In JC’s baseball glove!!
Ali in total shock that she lost her position as baby of the family so suddenly and without warning. . . (for a good size comparison click on the below picture to see it larger – and look at the difference in size Ali and Eli’s hands – and I thought Ali’s hands were teeny!!)
“what’s up, little guy?”

Hmm. . . not too sure.
Uncle Chris holding Eli for the first time!!
Me holding Eli for the first time!!

Eli with his Grandaddy (Lindsay’s Dad)

So cozy. . .
Eli’s bedroom!!
Ali and Layla checkin’ out Eli’s “Crib”
Daddy and Eli hanging out!

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