Ali is sitting in my lap groggily waking up, eating her breakfast, and drinking her milk. A few minutes ago, she grabbed my thumb (she always holds one of our fingers when we pray) and said “pray Eli, pray Eli, pray Eli!” So we prayed for Eli, and she said Amen. Then about a minute later, she does it all again, and then (so far) two times after that. So Eli is very prayed up today – I’m not sure if God gave Ali a burden on her heart or she just finds praying fun, but whichever, he’s well prayed for!

Another Ali prayer story this week – Ali and I went to the hospital to see Becca, one of the girls in the Lifegroup of 15-16 year olds I co-lead, and Pastor Walls and Pastor Jack came up the elevators at the same time we did. When they got ready to go, Pastor Walls wanted to pray for Becca, so we all got in a circle and held hands. Ali knew we were praying and so was very quiet – she just looked from one person to the other. However, Pastor Walls’ prayer was a bit longer than she was used to, so about a minute into it, she looked at him and said “Amen!!!”. When that didn’t work for her, though, she was quiet for the rest of the prayer.

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