We are at the beach!! The girls are having SO much fun together. Too much, in fact, because mine is so keyed up that it is 2pm and she has yet to nap!! She’s in there, supposed to be falling asleep, no luck yet. And she’s supposed to be worn out!
Here are pictures from our trip so far:

Ali and AJ eating dinner together last night:

Getting reaady to go to the pool for a few minutes yesterday afternoon. We only got asked if they were twins twice on the way down to the pool. Probably because we only saw two people.
All of the girls in the Kiddie Pool!!

Ali in her awesome PuddleJumper!! Thanks, G’Ma Kitty!!

Today at the pool – with their bucket hats and their buckets!

We had to come back up today after about half an hour in the pool because there was lightning way out on the ocean. They even closed the indoor pool because of it! We didn’t quite get that. But we let the girls play on the balcony for a while since they were wet and the A/C indoors would have been chiiillly. So to pass the time, we took lots of photos!!
Ali having a serious thought while sitting and staring at the ocean. AJ, not so serious.

Daddy trying to keep her from sitting in the puddle. . .

Playing games with Miss Ashley!
Yay!! The storm is gone! Back down to the pool!
In the elevator. . .

In the pool!!!

Putting the bucket on Daddy’s head. . .
PuddleJumper has a hat!!!
That’s our trip so far!! I’ll post more pics later, and maybe a video or two!

4 thoughts on “Ali and AJ on vacation!!

  1. Thanks for sharing pictures! So glad you are having fun. The little ones are precious together.

    AJ’s Dandee and Daddy Chuck

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