HOOOOOORAAAAYYY!!!! 230-some-odd invitations are at the Cahaba Heights Post Office!!! It was quite an adventure making it through the 50 steps. The person getting me the addresses stayed up till 2:30 am this morning getting them finalized, then lost all of her changes when saving the file. I spent the morning helping her redo them, then brought it all home, hand fed every envelope into my printer (they were slightly wider than a piece of paper, so my printer didn’t like them too much), then stuffed 5 items in each envelope, stamped and sealed them, with MUCH help from my Mom and Ali. Ali, for instance, kept all of the superfluous “stamp” stickers for us:
(She was being a Tiger with stripes and saying “ROAR”)

I haven’t given too many updates on Ali recently, so here are a few of her favorite things of late:

Ali has become VERY obsessed with cleanliness over the past couple of weeks. She loves cleaning up messes – if she spills a little milk, she will take a paper towel and obsessively wipe the floor, her mouth, my mouth, the table, her body, etc. So here’s a video of just that. For translation purposes, her words are “foot”, “uh-oh”, and “MILK!”.

She’s also still obsessed with kissing everything. Here is her kissing her plastic Zebra, and then giving it to Oreo to kiss (something that Oreo was very much wanting to do, of course).

She’s talking more and more every day. Not so much new words anymore, but new phrases. Last week, I had parked the car and was coming around to get her, and she said “Out of the car. Walk around.” It just amazes me how she learns these phrases and just spits them out like she’s been saying them forever!!

And last but not least, I’ve been trying to teach her what the camera is for, because she has been uninterested in allowing me opportunities to get good pictures of her. BUT, she LOVES looking at pictures of herself, so I thought I would try this morning to take a few pictures of her, then show her the results. And, although she enjoyed seeing them, she was no more happy about me taking them. This was her deadpan expression that she kept up until I put the camera down:Maybe she just likes the “serious” look.

3 thoughts on “Invitation Successes and Ali Updates

  1. I like the video of her. :) She’s so cute. :) :) :)

    And that expression in the last picture is cute. She looks like she’s ready for you to quit taking pictures

  2. well i’m glad that yall got them finished…i will treasure the invitation when i receive it this week! ;)

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