Hello, Eli Readers!!

I just talked to JC and got the update on Eli. He is still eating great – 45-50 cc’s! (45 cc’s is 1.5 ounces.) He is up to 3 pounds, 12 ounces! JC said that they could really tell how much he has grown, and that is very encouraging.

However, he probably will not get to come home on Friday, but they are still hoping that he will be able to come home this weekend. Although he has not had to go back on any medication, he has to be able to be in an open crib for two days (without his body temperature being regulated). The way it works is that they gradually decrease the temperature in the isolet (the plastic box) as his body temperature can keep up with it. When they get the temperature down to room temp and he can hold his body temperature, they put him in an open crib. They decreased the isolet almost to room temperature yesterday, but then his body temperature started falling. Since then, they have had to keep his isolet warmer than it was because he hasn’t quite caught up from his temperature drop yesterday. So, the prayer request is that they will be able to get him to room temperature soon and that he will be able to hold his body temperature consistently!! I know that they would really love for him to come home soon, but at the same time, they want to make sure he is ready to come home before he comes home.

JC and Lindsay are doing well, but they are TIRED. Going back and forth from the hospital on top of work is keeping them running ragged. Pray that they can get some rest and rejuvenation. Also, they still have a lot that they want to do at home in preparation for Eli’s arrival.

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  1. update on J.C.’s update :).

    I went to the hospital this morning and the nurse told me that they started “retesting” his temperature regulation during the night last night and so far he’s doing great! If he can make it to about 2:00 this afternoon without a temp drop, then they’ll move him to an open crib where he’ll be monitored for 48 hours. If at the end of that timeframe he’s still doing well, then he’ll come home. He’s doing really well with everything else, so this is his one last hurtle. Please be praying! We’re very ready for our boy to come home. And REALLY ready to stop living at the hospital…

    — Lindsay

  2. I am praying that he gets to come home this weekend and that Lindsay and JC can final get some rest. I know they must be exhausted.


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