Chris declared today “Mother’s Day” to make up for the real Mother’s day that I spent in the ER. So I got to pick everything that we did and ate all day long! What a sweet hubby I have!

We started out the morning reading books. Ali is doing great with her letters. She recognizes and names a,b,c, and d (sometimes).
On our way to bike ride. Don’t you love the matching polka dot bow and sunglasses?
As soon as I got her “hat” out, she started saying, “hat!! budddbrr (her bike/motorcycle noise)
Riding with Daddy – Crestline Village

After our bike ride, we ate lunch at Zoe’s and then went home for Ali’s nap time.
During nap time, we got this bench out of the basement, graciously given to Ali by Aunt Kitty. It looks like Ali is waiting on the bus to come pick her up!
We got out the “baby water park” for Ali for the first time. First she had to stand there and check it out.
Daddy helping her get in it. Not too sure – getting splashed!
A bit mad at the splashing water, still trying to decide if she likes it.

It’s love!!!
The freezing, shivering fun look. Since this is water coming straight from the sprinkler, it was pretty cold, but her violent shivering didn’t get in the way of her fun!!
After about 20 minutes of fun and splashing, she looked at Daddy and said “a na” (translation: “all done”. She usually only uses this phrase when she’s finished eating – we were impressed that she realized she could use it to say she was done playing in the water too.)
All wrapped up in the blankie!

Snuggling to get warm!!!
After this, she had a nice warm bath to thaw. She really likes sitting up in the tub and normally doesn’t like laying down, but today she didn’t mind laying back in the tub to get her hair wet at all! In fact, she just stayed sprawled out in the warm water until I sat her back up.

Tonight Chris made some AMAZING ribeye steaks that I bought yesterday (gotta love markdown meats!!) and baked potatoes – YUMM!! It was a red-letter day!! A great rain check Mother’s Day!!!

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