Ali loves to do animal noises. She probably has about 20 animals that you can go through and she will answer with the noise, such as “what does the sheep say?” Ali: “ba_a_a”.

Ali is teething again, so she is having incomprehensibly nasty diapers. For those of you who are not parents yet or who are parents but have been lucky enough to have yet to change a diaper (ahem, JC and Lindsay), I will spare you the details. But they are bad.

Last night, we had gone over to Brookwood Mall to get a quick bite of dinner and to walk around for a few minutes, and she had one of those blowouts on the way over there. It was BAD.

So on the way home, Chris was joking with her that her diapers ROARED like a tiger. She thought this was hilarious and started laughing and saying “ROAR!!”

So now, if you go through the list of animals, it goes something like this:

What does the monkey say?
eee eee eee!!!
What does the snake say?
What does the horsey say?
What does the tiger
What does the doggy say?
What does the diaper say?

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