I am feeling MUCH better this morning – still not 100%, but getting there. At least I can walk across the room without about blacking out. Speaking of walking. . .

My Dad called me this morning, and I could tell in his voice that he was QUITE proud of himself. And he had every right to be! He told me that he took Ali upstairs this morning – just the two of them, and got her attention and had a focused, serious conversation with her. He told her that she needed to walk, and that she would make her Mommy so proud and Mommy would say “yay!”, and that she could be a big girl like AJ. He told her it was time to walk now, and he stood her up on the floor, and – she walked across the room!!!!

Now, this is the child that is so scared of even standing up without holding onto something that even though she has perfect balance (being that she’s SIXTEEN MONTHS OLD!!), she won’t do it – and now she’s completely skipped the stage of standing without help and is walking! And doing it pretty well too!!

My Dad gets the Grandparent award of the month for sure! Actually both of them get an award for keeping her all weekend while I was sick, but he gets a definite special award for this!! Here are their videos of her walking:

I think this definitely proves that we have an analytical, cautious child just like us – instead of being adventerous and exploring the world of walking on her own, she had to wait until someone made a logical argument with her of why she needed to walk and that she needed to do it now. As long as something is reasoned out, why not try it?

Chris is picking her up tonight on his way home from work. I can’t wait to see her walk in person! This almost makes it worth it to have been sick all weekend!

5 thoughts on “all’s well that ends well

  1. Yay! Ali’s walking all by herself. This is a milestone. :) Yippee. Now the next time she comes to the office, I’ll make her walk to me. :) :) :)

  2. Yea! First off that you’re feeling better and secondly that Ali’s walking! Your dad must be pretty persuasive ;).

  3. Yay!!! I’m getting all choked up watching her (I blame it on being pregnant :)). I’m so proud of her! I’m glad you’re feeling better, too.

  4. That is so funny! I can't believe she walked that far right off the bat! Too bad you missed it, but the videos are so cute!

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