Thankfully, Ali has napped amazingly today. She has gone down for both of her naps and fallen asleep immediately, which hasn’t happened in at least a month or two. It’s so relieving and a nice, easy change of pace!

However, lately I have had to go in her room at least once if not several times and tell her sternly and lovingly to lay down and go night night. It’s not the worst discipline a parent has to do, but I’m new at it, so it’s always nice to know that she doesn’t resent me for having to do that.

Yesterday I had one of those reassuring moments.

She was talking and playing in bed, so I headed up the stairs to tell her to lay down. If you have been to our house, you know that our stairs are unusually creaky, so she always hears me coming. I hear in her most excited voice, “MuMA!!!”. I couldn’t help but smile. She was so excited to see me, even though it was for “discipline”. It was hard to get rid of my smile before I went in there.
Bonus Picture!! This picture was too good not to post. Ali sat in her rocking chair at the window yesterday for a good 15 minutes watching Daddy mow the grass. She loved it!!! (You can see Chris to the right of her red block).

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