I’m waiting on Chris to get home so we can leave, so I thought I’d do one more blog before we head out!

We have a big tree outside our window, so we get blessed with listening to birds chirp in the morning. It really is pleasant and is a nice thing to wake up to. However, we have this one bird outside our window that wakes me up early in the morning, and annoys me badly. Its not that he’s a bad singer, or off-key, its that he sounds like a beep. Like a cell phone dying, or a microwave after it’s finished cooking, or multitudes of other electronics that you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. The last few mornings I have woken up at about 6am wondering what in the world was beeping and why. Chris will be getting ready in the dressing room, and I’ll stumble through to the bathroom, and he’ll say “did I wake you up?” and I’ll say, “No, it’s that beeping bird again.”

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