We just put Ali to bed early, because she was one tired little girl! She spent the night with Gramamma last night, and then since she napped pretty late for her morning nap, we skipped her afternoon nap and went and visited AJ and Nathaniel (Nathaniel was hanging out with AJ while his older siblings went to see some Disney thing at the Civic Center). The three of them had a lot of fun playing. I don’t know if I can say playing “together”, because they are pretty much still in the loner phase. However, they did start to play together when united around the tea set. Nathaniel liked playing tea the best (sorry Greg – your son likes tea sets) – he sat and “ate” with a spoon the whole time.

I really wish Ali would start walking – AJ and Nathaniel walk great (AJ is 3.5 months older, and Nathaniel is 2 weeks younger). I think she would have so much more fun with them, at the park, at the zoo, etc if she would walk. And she is almost 15 months old!! I don’t want to hear what the doctor says if she’s not walking by 15 months. :( She TOTALLY could walk – she walks great holding onto one of my fingers – she just refuses to give it a chance. I had dreams two nights in a row this week that she learned to walk, then the day after the second dream, my bible study homework was about Joseph interpreting dreams. Hmm. . . . a sign? :) Just kidding. But I wish!

Sorry I don’t have anything terribly interesting to write about today. I guess I am having blogger’s block. However, Here are some fun pictures from today and recent days:

Here is Ali playing at the mirrors with Daddy while Mommy was trying on clothes:

Ali flirting with Daddy out on the porch:

Serious picture! Ali and her two buddies Thursday night at small group (Ali, Nathaniel, and AJ):

Ali posing with pretty flowers behind her ear and in her hand:

Ali and AJ playing today. . .twins!

AJ, Ali, and Nathaniel at their tea party!

This is from a few weeks ago, when Ali was unusually deeply asleep when it was time to wake her up, and Chris had turned on the lights, turned off her sound machine, taken pictures of her, and played her xylophone for about 5 minutes before she finally woke up:

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