disclaimer: this blog is all in fun, and with the permission of my Mother. Please don’t take it too seriously. While the facts are true, the complaining is not genuine.

OK – so ever since I’ve been blogging, as far as I can tell, my mom has checked and read my blog at least once a day, if not two or three times. But – she’s quit calling me!!!! I mean, she ALWAYS calls me on Sunday night when we get back from the beach to make sure we got back ok and to see how it was, but today was Tuesday, and I still hadn’t heard from her! So I finally called her today, and it was as bad as I could imagine. Sure enough, she thought about calling me Sunday night, but then she thought “I’ll just check her blog instead!” And she did.

And to compound the communication breakdown, she never comments on my blogs (she swears she did, but that she must have done it wrong). So it’s great for her – she still gets to keep up with us and see pictures of her beloved Grandbaby, but we don’t hear from her at all – blog, phone, or otherwise!

I never thought of my Mom as the type to go the way of computer-only communication. In fact, she’s never been nearly as into computers as the rest of us. But alas, it can happen to the best of us.

Nobody talks to me anymore now that I blog! Unless you people start talking back, I quit!!


4 thoughts on “new study reveals blogging decreases communication from parents!!

  1. That’s pretty funny! :) I still talk to you … but not really on the phone unless it’s work related. :) I read your blog a lot though. You know, I need to blog. It’s been a while. :)

  2. Geez Rach. Way to lay the guilt trip on your poor mom ;). I wonder if my mom would call me less if I started blogging? hhmmm… Something to think about!

  3. I have gotten those, “But I commented on your blog!” excuses a couple of times. (Which never did show up!) The good news is that it wasn’t from my mom, who is usually about 3 days late checking my blog. I have been guilty of her asking me about something and saying, “mom, I posted about it two days ago!” :)

  4. Wow… people’s mothers actually read their blogs. Not mine, but then again, she’s computer illiterate. :) She’d also ask WAY too many questions… and it’d drive me NUTS. :)

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