As I have mentioned before, Ali loves laying her head on pillows. So I decided that it was finally time to try out giving her a pillow in her crib. Amanda gave her a beautiful little pillow with her name embroidered on it, so I decided to use it. She loves it!! She fell asleep immediately for her morning nap, which she hasn’t done in a few weeks. Yay for pillows!

Ali and I spent a lot of time in the backyard today playing – playing with leaves, prickly things, and flowers. We put flowers behind our ears, and Ali loved it! She loves looking pretty. We also had a picnic outside for dinner, since it was still beautiful and well-lit, thanks to daylight savings. She did great! She sat and ate and never tried to crawl away! I was surprised.

She hadn’t quite finished all her food when Chris finished what he was doing and wanted to go on a walk, so I just threw it all in a zippy bag together (dried fruit, cheese, and ritz bits) and fed it to her on our walk. Her zippy bag of mixed up food reminded me so much of one of my favorite childhood treats – goody bags!! Every now and then, my Mom would fix us “Goody bags”. They were so awesome! We couldn’t watch her make them – she was really secretive about them – which added to the effect. She would throw in there whatever she had in the pantry – marshmallows, baking chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, coconut, whatever. We absolutely loved goody bags!! It’s amazing how much a creative idea can excite kids! I hope I remember that.

pictures from our times outside today:

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