Ali learned how to color yesterday!! It was so exciting because I have been trying to teach her for quite a while, but she has always been more interested in studying and eating the crayons then coloring with them.

Barkley had sent her some really cool toddler crayons for Christmas that are encased in a big plastic ball that is supposed to be easier for babies to hold onto. Ali has loved them – she loves rolling the balls, and pulling the crayon part out of the balls (I don’t think they are supposed to come out, but Ali figured out how). Anyway, we’ve been playing with those for a while, and I keep trying to show her the cool trick that happens when you rub the crayons on paper, but she just hasn’t given it a try. Finally yesterday, something clicked, and she got it. She started coloring, then she was obsessed with coloring! She stood at the coffee table and colored last night for probably 15 minutes without losing interest! Thanks, Aunt Barkley!!

Then, it was like the missing puzzle piece was put into place and everything made sense to her. She has been clicking my retractable pens for forever, and she has seen me write with them. So immediately, she picked up a pen, tried to write with it, clicked it, then started writing with it. It all makes so much sense now!!

4 thoughts on “coloring!!

  1. Cute! It’s so nice when they get to that stage where they will just sit and color or look at books. Mia and Ali’s personalities are a lot alike. Even down to the walking late part:) Don’t worry, she’ll get it soon enough! A cautious toddler is a good thing:) I didn’t realize how good I had it until Averi came along..LOL! She gets hurt ALL the time.

  2. okay.. well if Ali is coloring those lines and not just dots.. that’s great! Or were you helping her? If not, she is already ahead of the game. Normally at her age they still just pound the paper and do dots. It’s not until about two that they do the broad strokes.

    she’s a genious! lol

  3. yup, she started out doing lines, then she discovered dots…but she still does lines too. glad to know that she’s a genius!! :)

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