Ultimate Blog Party 2012


Hi, fellow partiers!!!

I’m Rachel.

Sometimes I can be found with this guy,


But most of the time I can be found with these guys.


However, every now and then you can find us all hanging out together – and those are the best times by far.

IMG_3743 copy

By the way, have you ever met Susan and Janice?  If not, you totally need to stalk them until you have the opportunity.  I have had that privilege, and they are hilarious!!!


…in a Canadian sort of way – you know what I mean?  As in, seeing that I’m from Alabama, their words proceed from their mouths at a rate of approximately 4,692% faster than mine.

Which, I suppose, makes them more efficient.

And faster thinkers.

But enough about Susan and Janice.  Let’s talk about me! Because that’s why you’re here, right??

I blog for relationships.  I love the friendships I’ve formed with other bloggers, and would love to get to know you as well!

So what do I blog about?

Or.  What don’t I blog about?

(Well, I actually do have a list of things I don’t blog about, but one of the things on that list is blogging about the list, so I guess I should stick with what I do blog about.)

I blog about Mom Jeans, Long Butt, and how to avoid both.

I blog about all of the various recipes available with which to eat a delicious meal of Placenta.

Speaking of Placenta, I blog about how to write a Social Media Policy for Labor and Birth.

I love to make diagrams to explain the world, such as this very important one on Downton Abbey.

And every now and then, I get a tiny bit serious and blog on subjects such as Honesty about Parenthood, Social Media Addiction, and Coexisting with other Mommies.

So please feel free to look around, check out my “most popular posts” listed on the left sidebar, and be sure to leave a comment so that I can come visit you!

Happy Partying!!

15 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party 2012!!!

  1. I have been here before, but I didn’t leave a comment…I read your jeans posts, and I have two pairs of the long butt jeans! After reading that post, I ran out to Macy’s and bought two pairs of distinctly non-mom jeans!

    Visiting from UBP12…I hope you can stop by Lemon Drop Pie and leave me a comment! :)

  2. Stopping by from the party. You have an absolutely adorable family. I hope to get to know you better through the network here. Enjoy the party

  3. Being from Ky , and laid back one would think I would talk slow. However, I was blessed with a sister who talks so fast you often take a breath for her, simply because if you don’t you think YOU will pass out. Following now and hope you hop by my place..

  4. Haha I literally lol’ed when I read your mom jeans and long butt.. great tittle by the way:) It is sooo true tho its all about pocket placement!!! Thanks for educating everyone lol

  5. Hi there! Coming over from UBP 12. I have ALWAYS wanted to meet and talk with someone from Alabama or Arkansas. I love yalls accents. I have a slight one. I will be reading all about you guys. Beautiful family though!

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