Fingerprint Christmas Lights!

This is the simplest of crafts for those of us who desperately want to do crafts with our kids but have trouble finding the time and supplies – especially in the midst of Christmas.

Ali and I pulled out our stamp pads, and I had her put thumb prints around the perimeter of the page.


I then went back and added cords with a sharpie,

Fingerprint Christmas Lights!

And then wrote “Merry Christmas” in the middle.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights!

This would be great for Holiday Cards, signs, or even for making your own wrapping paper.

…or to simply assuage your Mommy Guilt over not doing crafts with your kids, which is exactly what it was for me.

4 thoughts on “Fingerprint Christmas Lights Craft

  1. It’s things like this that make me wish hand prints (or foot prints or fingerprints) were easier to do with babies/toddlers. Their hands/feet are so little that you want to capture it but the child is so squiggly that it’s nearly impossible =( I do think it’s gorgeous and would make a great decoration (or grandparents gift!) =) Congrats on lessening the mommy guilt! =)

  2. Cute! I’m totally going to do this! I just did handprint ornaments with K and S but Peanut was too squirmy and I couldn’t get one. This shouldn’t be too hard to capture. Thanks!

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