I’m afraid that all of my motivation and Type A-Ness was housed in my uterus. It’s been nearly six weeks since its removal, and I don’t feel like running, eating vegetables, eating less Christmas chocolate, writing, cleaning, educating my children (which I am managing to do anyway – whether quality education or not), or really much of anything else.

I mean, I kinda want to do those things, but my ability to make myself is….lacking.

I am positive that my motivation has been morcellated and yanked out through my bellybutton in confetti-sized pieces. I signed a lot of paperwork for that surgery, but I know I didn’t approve that.

My Only Hope is that it is actually the deadly mixture of the cold hellish depths of winter and the lack of uterus that is actually causing this steep decline in productivity, and that, come spring, I’ll be a normally contributing member of society yet again.

Which brings me to this pondering…

The idea of New Years Resolutions is the stupidest idea of the entire human race. Amie’s comment on this post caused me to ruminate on the absolute awful timing of this concept, and I think we need to lobby for legislation to be passed to END THIS IDIOCY.

How could there be a worse time to try and make huge overhauling lifestyle and diet changes than right after the end of the holidays (depressing!), when we still have loads of chocolate (yum!), in the deepest, darkest, coldest part of winter (we need those carbs to survive!), and besides the fact that January in general is proven to be the crappiest month of the year?

We are literally torturing ourselves into extinction with New Years Resolutions. This is probs what happened to dinosaurs and dodos.

In their place, I propose that we should have Daylight Savings Time* Resolutions. A clunkier naming, sure, but so. much. smarter. We shall diet and exercise when we get our extra hour of daylight back, when Spring is starting to peek around the corner, and when hope fills the world once more, when fruits and vegetables are available in abundance – that’s when we have the energy and mental fortitude for such things as resolutions!

*OBVIOUSLY, I would rather pass legislation to stay in Daylight Savings Time all year round, but if I can’t do that, No More New Years Resolutions is a close second.

You know that bizarre list of traditional wedding gifts that includes romantic notions such as tin and wool? I think we need to make that list more practical and rewrite it to be entirely made up of re-buying wedding presents as they run out of their useful lives.

1st Year: You don’t have any money, but you’re still coasting by on fresh wedding presents. Anyway, your love is gift enough. Maybe splurge and buy a bag of celery.

2nd Year: There is definitely a random minor appliance you got for a wedding present that was a lemon and has now quit working. Is it a can opener? Iron? Vegetable chopper? Replace that bad boy. Otherwise you’ll spend the next five years frustrated that you didn’t.

5th Year: Your comforter is old and has pills on the fabric, not to mention that nasty stain from that one time you tried to drink cranberry juice in your bed while half-sleep. Plus, you probably hate that design by now. This year’s New Traditional gift is: ALL NEW BEDDING!

6th Year: Those three times you’ve actually attempted to iron, you definitely melted something. From now on, every attempt to flatten wrinkles will also include appliqueing old burnt plastic onto the item of clothing. But just throw the thing away. You’re never going to figure out the ironing thing, and the dryer plus a damp washcloth works passably for your level of domesticity.

8th Year: Yo – truth time. Your towels are disgusting. They’re ragged on some edges and pulled into tight spirals on others. They have bleach spots even though you’ve never used bleach your entire marriage. The gift of the year is towels. Your butts will thank you.

10th Year: You are on your second toddler and he has now thrown away all your forks and half your spoons, leaving you to attempt to shovel steak into your mouth on your ridged grapefruit spoon. It’s time for the gift of silverware. But don’t buy that ridiculous $50-a-place-setting kind that you received as wedding presents – at this stage of your life, it’s best to invest in the 108 piece box set on clearance at TJ Maxx. You still have a toddler, after all.

11th Year: Did you know you were supposed to replace your mattress last year? Happy Anniversary! Go lay on 257 mattresses and freak out about the most anxiety-inducing purchase you’ll ever make. And – spoiler – you’ll still pick the wrong one. Then you will attempt to use The Force to hurry along the next ten years so you can try again to get it right. (You won’t.)

17th Year: Your bowls are all chipped, and your plates are ravaged with silverware scrape lines. This year’s traditional gift is a new set of casual china. Plus – c’mon. Your taste in dinnerware was crap when you gleefully danced through Macy’s with that delightful registry gun. Now it’s time to get something you really like.

…But no matter how many years you’re married, the gift of the year is NEVER a Kitchen-Aid mixer, because those things never die – even if you’d really like an excuse to get one of those fancy multicolored ones.

24-36 hours after I cut onions (no less, no more), when I take a hot shower, once the room gets steamy, my shower is filled with the smell of fresh onion – as if I were standing in the middle of a 500-acre onion farm and just pulled up a perfect onion bulb. I believe that my skin is an organic diffuser that is specially adjusted to diffuse the onion’s essential oils. My superpowers are marketable – that is, unless everyone has this skill. Please report in immediately.

9 thoughts on “Diary of a Tired Mom: Dead of Winter Edition

  1. We just celebrated our tenth anniversary — twenty-six years late!
    I LOVE my new silverwarethat replaces what was left of what my mother picked out because SHE always wanted some like it.
    My recommendation: Don’t wait thirty-six years!

  2. Such truth in these revised anniversary gifts! My MIL gave me spoons (SPOONS!) in my stocking at Christmas in 2015. We were 17 years married at that point and you’d have thought she gave me diamonds! I still smile when I open the drawer and easily find a clean spoon for my cereal. And just last week I was complaining to my mom how the dishes I registered for way back in 1998 are SO not my taste any more. Don’t even get me started on bedding and towels….

  3. You’re not alone, I can’t get motivate to do anything right now. And I couldn’t agree with you more about new year’s resolutions. I adamantly refuse to make them. Also, your anniversary gift list is genius!!!

  4. I like all your ideas. But I have to say, the china and flatware I registered for with my first wedding back in 98 are still my favorites. What can I say? I either have exceptionally good taste, or exceptionally bad taste that never changes. Ha ha!

    I do not diffuse onion scent in the shower. But, I also do not chop onions because I hate them. I buy dehydrated onions and rehydrate them when I need a few for my tuna fish salad.

  5. I tend do do resolutions quarterly or so. January 1 like everyone else, totally optimistic. My birthday (April) that I’ll be a better me (somewhat more realistic, still overly optimistic though). Then when school starts in late summer/early fall to be more organized and all that. And oh yes, new wedding gifts are sooooooo needed instead of whatever hallmark suggests!

  6. My 10th anniversary is in 9 days and even though I have zero toddlers I do have a lot of drunk friends who for some reason seem to steal forks, so I think new cutlery is the PERFECT idea. Ironically the traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin or aluminum, so metal of some sort seems like a fair substitute.

  7. Love this list! We hit 20 this past year and have already gone through several sets of new towels, extra forks bought (twice) and I think we’re about ready for a third refrigerator. Oi, how we measure time! LOL

  8. A kitchen aid mixer is the best! I did get tired of the cobalt blue I originally chose though. I went on fb a few week ago and asked if anybody wanted to trade, and found a friend with the same model in red, who really wanted blue. We both got’new’ mixers that day.

  9. Love, love, love the anniversary gifts! Ugh, the mattresses. We did all the testing and finally decided on a Sleep Number since I like a soft bed and T prefers firmer. Supposedly some people love them, but it is basically a glorified air mattress. Grr. I’m definitely wishing away the next few years because how can you just get rid of a stupid $2500 mattress??

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