A week after the Escapee Mailbox incident, I heard the sound again.


Oddly enough, I actually didn’t recognize it at first.

I peered out of my blinds, and then remembered as I watched our postlady chase our mailbox down the street yet again.

But this time, she slammed it back into place with a bit more fervor, all the while glaring at our house with a considerable amount of malice and rage beaming out of her eyes.

Guilt pervaded my soul.

(Okay, my soul was still amused, but there was now a clear amount of guilt mixed in with the glee.)

So I texted a subtle Honey-Do.


Obviously, he also had a wee bit of amusement still housed in his soul.

But nevertheless, due to the fear of creating a 90’s throwback gone-postal moment, Chris went out at 10 o’clock that night and bolted the mailbox back to the pole.

So, in an effort to assuage her fears and feelings of great malice toward our household, I left a note for Postlady.


The next day, I found the note on the inside of my mailbox, attached to our cozily housed stack of bills.


A smiley!

All is right in the world.

On a completely unrelated note…

We still meet with our small group once a week into the wee hours of the morning. Despite the fact that we have 18 (about to be 20) kids under eight years old, we put them all to bed in every available piece of square footage in our host’s home. Then the really miraculous part comes when we wake them all up around midnight, drive them home, and put them back to bed.

And it works.

Noah’s assigned location last week was in the master bedroom dressing area.

When it was time to leave, Chris found Noah, happily snuggled into his bed, innocently sleeping atop his conquests.




Although slightly concerned with how long he’d sucked on that metal foot callous remover, I had to admire the kid’s detective skills.

Clearly, he uncovered a serious addiction to dental hygiene.

20 thoughts on “On A Completely Unrelated Note.

  1. Ooohhh… that. Is. Awesome. And he probably did it all in his sleep! It’s a wonder he didn’t have puncture wounds from the toothpick/flossers – those things are sharp! Or no lips from the callous remover! He’s a tough kid :)

    1. Yup – he was completely unscathed, and didn’t even get the tops off of the mini shampoo bottles!!

      We had measured his wingspan just a few weeks before, and he was nowhere near being able to reach the drawers. I guess wingspan measurement has to be a weekly activity…

  2. So glad you made peace with the mail lady. It is important to be in good relationship with the lady who holds your bills. And Noah and the stuff – hilarious. Gross, but hilarious.

  3. I’m really surprised that the mail lady didn’t leave you a note first. I remember getting one in our box when I was in high school because our box was leaning.

    So glad Noah was not harmed in the making of those last pictures.

  4. First, I’m going to laugh about the stuff in Noah’s bed. MUAH HA HA HA!!!!! Now, I’m going to be a concerned, loving friend. Oh man! I’m so glad that he wasn’t hurt! That callous scraper and all those little floss picks could have been bad. I’m so glad that everything was OK. He’s tough stuff! Now…back to the laughing. MUAH HA HA HA!!!

  5. LOL! That is so funny…especially since it was someone else’s stuff! I have never seen a callous remover like that. I was wondering what in the heck it was. :) We just had our small group last night and the guys made dinner for us since it was Valentine’s. They did a really awesome job, even decorating and getting us chocolate and flowers! So sweet. :)

    Glad you are back on good terms with your mail lady!

  6. Coming from a family of postal workers, I’m sure that is a sincere “Thank You!” and smile!
    Noah’s loot pile is hysterical. Oh, if you only had a hidden video camera to see what he actually did with all of that stuff. HAHA!

  7. Hi!
    I just find out your blog.

    hahaha I imagine the post lady running to get your mail box. That’s fun and it’s nice of you to leave her a note and that she is ok!

    Aiketa from Catalonia.

  8. Oh wow, that is hilarious! What did your host say?? I would be breathing a sigh of relief there wasn’t anything more embarrassing ransacked!
    Davis is amazing me with his “wingspan” {love that term, lol}. I put something toward the middle of the table and am shocked when he stretches up on his tiptoes what seems like a mile and swipes it!

  9. Hilarious! Our posting has been leaving notes about the state of our driveway (too much ice apparently). They can stop delivering after three notes so we salted and sanded the heck out of it after the first note. The second note demanded clear pavement. Lucky it’s warm. Sounds like yours is more forgiving! Bet she was relieved though!

    Hope your host threw out those flossers because eww. Looks like Noah had an entertaining time!

    1. Wow!! I guess you have to be a more demanding postperson where the elements are worse. If we have even a smidge of ice, the entire world shuts down, so that’s never a problem here.

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