Because it’s expected from every good mother…

Take One: The Christmas Morning Shot.

The Malcontent.


The Squealer.


The Writher.


The Escapee.


The Tackle.


The He-looks-happy-but-we-really-know-he’s-just-in-the-middle-of-an-objectionary-statement.


That’ll do.

Because my Grandmother requested it, and she gets feisty when she wants something…

Take Two: The Four Generation Shot.

The One where nobody except me was aware that they were in a photo shoot…and something on the floor was REALLY fascinating.


The One where the photographer didn’t realize the camera was on Continuous Shoot.


The One where my eyelids weighed 12 pounds each.


Aaaaand…The Overcompensatory Eyes.


(And yes, the cameraman was still trying to recompose the shot while the continuous shutter kept shutting, hence Eli’s “special” appearance in the bottom of the photo.)

The One where everyone was looking and smiling and not looking ridiculously goofy:

(Oh. There wasn’t one.)

Because our great-great-great-grandchildren need to be able to see what amazing, sturdy, beautiful ancestors they had…

Take Three: The Full Family Photo.

They will think that my brother Nick was a giant. Or perhaps Igor the Hunchback.


They will see Eli getting a surround-sound scolding for looking in the opposite direction.


They will … SERIOUSLY – is Nick really ten times the size of Mammaw?!?


They will see us all unravel in an unceremonious fashion.


They will see a half-hearted attempt at regaining composure. And also that my brother JC is significantly too tall for these sorts of endeavors.


But they won’t see a normal family photo. Because there isn’t one.

The only truly successful photos of the season…

Take Four: The Accidentals.

The Jump…

IMG_9441 copy

And the Clause.


Posing is for the masochist.

19 thoughts on “Christmas Posers.

  1. The diaper at the end…hilarious! Whenever my MIL says she wants to take a quick picture I roll my internal eyes (because no one can see those ones). It always seems to be at a time when the kids are cranky or I am in a hurry but no one else is. When she tries to get all eight of the grandkids in one shot I usually have to walk away. It’s just next to impossible to get a good shot of that many kids.

    1. I was actually so proud of my Mom this year – the minute we walked in the door, she rounded us all up for family pictures. Usually she waits until we’re all LEAVING. Ironically enough, these were the worst photos ever. Apparently we’re all more photogenic when we’re ready to go home.

  2. HAHAHA! So funny! We just did this with my hubby’s family. His aunt was taking the millionth shot… said ok that one was the good one. We checked the camera and my brother in law was STICKING OUT HIS TONGUE! With seven kids it is impossible esp when the grown ups rebel too! :)
    I loved how in the big family photo everyone is squishing in super close together almost in front of each other when you have a full 2 feet or so on the sides! :)

  3. Phunny Photos! It’s hard to get kids to pose, let alone SO MANY family members. Your commentary was cracking me up! I didn’t want to say Igor, but you did, so I can chuckle. AND I love how you have a family member you call Mammaw! My BFF who lives in Mississippi says words like Mammaw and Pappaw and I don’t know anyone else who says that (not West coast lingo). Thanks for posting these pics!

      1. When my oldest was little he couldn’t say Grandma, but he called my mom Gommer. Since then all grandmas have become Gommers. Maybe I’ll be a Gommer too. Definitely unique. If not, I’ll see if the Meemaw can catch on.

  4. You did much better than me with the Christmas pictures, I didn’t get one picture of all 3 kids on Christmas!
    I was laughing out loud at the commentary on Nick in the whole family pictures :)

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