These types of conversations with Ali can usually be found on B-Sides in my Yittle Fings series, but February was especially noteworthy…




Most Philosophical Statement of the Month:

“When I’m scared in the night and I have a bad dream, I can always count on God… just like people can always count on Team Umizoomi!”




Most Shallow Moment of the Month:

After Ali spent the night at my parent’s house, I asked… “Did you have fun at Gramamma’s house?”

“Yes. I talked to Gramamma and I talked to Pop, but I didn’t talk to Nick [my brother] a lot, because he’s just not my favorite.”

“Why not?”

“Well, he’s only my favorite when he wears a teal shirt, and he wasn’t wearing a teal shirt.”


Most Random comment of the Month:

“My friends don’t touch their bums because they don’t like the smell.”



Most Misunderstood Moment of the Month:

Chris took Ali out for a date the other night, and she recounted a story of disobeying me earlier in the day…

“Did you get in trouble?”

“No.  But I DID have consequences.”




Most Awkward Conversation of the Month:

“Mommy, where was I when you were four?”

“You weren’t anywhere.  Mommy and Daddy hadn’t made you yet.”

“But you didn’t make me!! God made me!”

“Yes, but God made you by using Mommy and Daddy.  He made you out of a tiny piece of Mommy and a tiny piece of Daddy.  That’s why you look like us.”

“But I don’t look like Daddy!!! I’m a girl.  I look like you!”

“You look like Daddy, too.”

“No I don’t!”

“Yup, a little.”

“Well, where’s the tiny piece of Daddy on me, then?”





Most Creative Explanation of the Month:

Ali kept scratching all over the other day, so I asked her if she had an itch.

“No, I don’t itch.”

“Well why do you keep scratching, then?”

“Because there are ladybugs inside the blood of my skin and when I feel them, I
have to scratch to get them out.  And that’s how it works.”

“How many ladybugs?”

“There are four of them.”

“How did they get into your blood?”

“Well, there’s a little hole that opens up in my toe on THIS foot.  They crawl into the blood of my skin through that hole.”

“But when you scratch them it gets them out?”

“No. I can’t get them out.  They have to get out on their own.”

“But you said…”

“Only they can get out.  They have to go back out the hole in the toe on THIS foot.  Then after they get out, they close the hole up REALLY tight behind them so it doesn’t hurt me anymore.”


17 thoughts on “February: A Review, in Conversations.

  1. Regarding the awkward conversation: You just made a rookie mistake. Anytime the making of babies is mentioned you MUST distract them immediately. Or else tell them to go and ask their daddy. That usually takes care of it. Because they can do the distraction thing very well.

  2. Wish Aubrey would have heard Ali’s statement about why Ali’s friends don’t touch their bums…b/c she decided to touch hers this morning after pooping, wasn’t a pretty sight!

    1. Ew. I’m not sure why God didn’t think of the great idea to make their arms too short to reach their bum until they were old enough to be potty-trained – would have been a nice feature.

  3. She is close to asking how she got out. That was a fun question to answer. Thanked God preschool was the next turn. The next one coming is, “If I am a part of you and a part of daddy and I came out of you how did daddy get in there?” Akward!!!!

  4. I just read a bunch of the Yittle Fings last night and was cracking up. I love how their little minds work – taking things they’ve heard, processing them and then coming up with something totally unique! I think you do a great job of asking her questions. :)

  5. oh she is so creative and funny! :) I love that mommy where was I when you were four… I have that same conversation with my youngest and she keeps saying – where was I when you were in XYZ picture (a wedding picture) – agh… so not a fun convo for a mom!

  6. These are great! I love the “bums” one. Too funny. The ladybug one is kind of creepy though…I don’t think I want ladybugs crawling into my body through my toes and then closing up the hole real tight. :)

    Love the pictures. Ali’s eyes look so clear and beautiful. I really need to work on my picture taking skills.

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