a mere four days…


weather consisting of tornado warnings, high temperatures, rain, and intense humidity…

turned this…


into this.


one of them seems to have acquired a terrible case of rotting beardface…

and the other, a horrifically painful-looking throat infection, along a malady of behind-the-eye-socket fuzz.

four days.

all that work for FOUR DAYS.

for the record, my glitter pumpkins are as healthy as can be.

…and maybe a little gloaty about their state of well-being.

was our household the only one hit by the pumpkin plague?

is this normal???

20 thoughts on “A Plague Has Come Upon Us.

  1. wow, 4 days – that has never happened that quickly to us (when I actually was willing to carve them) – I agree not carving keeps them so much longer!

  2. VERY NORMAL around here! That's why we don't ever carve our pumpkins! We just paint them and they look pretty for a while longer.

  3. Extremely normal, consider yourself lucky you got 4 days. We carve them no earlier than the day before Halloween. This year we're doing it the day of. All the work is because it's fun, makes for fun pictures and all the Trick or Treaters get to see and enjoy them too.

  4. Our pumpkin did the same thing. It was so gross looking. My husband finally put it in the trash yesterday. This was the first one that my son had carved and he was enjoying it so much. Always next year. We have a small one that he paint at school on the dining room table.

  5. Could you hear me screaming from my front porch yesterday? My WHOLE pumpkin completely rotted and spewed it's guts all over the porch. It smelled atrocious!!!!! On the flip side of things….I picked it up with a shovel and put it in my garden and will hope for volunteers next year!

  6. we are having the same problem though not as drastic. we carved our pumpkin wednesday night and the face of it already looks yucky. i am so disappointed. not sure it will make it til sunday. i guess it's just the weather though. i heard from somebody you can put vaseline on the edges or something to help preserve it but of course i forgot

  7. Oi! I haven't ever had it happen that quickly. My goodness. Oh well. Dumb high temps. There's always next year!

  8. aww… boo! It doesn't happen up here, it's usually cold enough by halloween to keep them fresh for a while. And I usually don't get around to carving them until the big day anyway. Poor Ali! Are you going to do a new one with her?

  9. Gross!
    That seems very short – mine ours usually survive for at least 2-3 weeks. However, that's probably the difference between Alabama fall and New New York fall (the high today is 45 and it usually snows by halloween).

  10. Yes that happens, but here's the secret . . . CINNAMON! Sprinkle it on the insides and on the cut edges, and it preserves it much much longer. We tested it out last year with one pumpkin with cinnamon and one without. The one without got moldy, but the one with it stayed normal!

  11. Growing up and til now we ALWAYS carve the day before or the day of Halloween. I never understand why people do it a week or two before…cuz that's what happens! ;)

  12. Not many people in our area carve pumpkins for that reason, but I'm curious if LoriT's cinnamon tip would work in this central Fla. heat and humidity?

  13. You must have warmer temps b/c it usually stays cold enough that ours don't do that. We do have to worry about them freezing though since that will make them moldy too to freeze and unfreeze each night. We never made it to the pumpkin patch so I just bought some at Winco yesterday, hopefully we find time to carve them between now and Sunday but our schedule is pretty packed. My mom and I are going to Beth Moore tonight! I'm so excited!

  14. Oh, no! Well, our pumpkins aren't faring so well, either … but luckily our kids are OK so far. I'm so sorry to hear of the plague! Prayers for feeling tip-top again soon. :)

  15. we haven't carved yet, so this is a great heads up! thanks for being the guinea pig! =)

    Sid the Science Kid has a GREAT episode about decay – it even uses a grody pumpkin as an example! (It's #6, My Mushy Banana, if you wanted to get all scientific on Ali! haha!)

  16. Sad :(

    Our gourd pumpkins got filled with water when it rained for 3 straight days at the beginning of the week & they were growing mold too, but nothing like yours!

  17. I had no idea that happened. I didn't grow up carving pumpkins and have only really tried once. Too much work for me and I'm not good at it either. Tim used to throw them out by the side of the house when they started going bad. Lazy I guess is why he didn't do a better job of disposing of them. At some point we would have huge vines and pumpkin leaves growing in that area. I always hoped to see a pumpkin but no such luck. I have seen the Sid the science kid episode. (:

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