It’s been a very sickly house around here this week. Chris got a cold on Monday that stuck around all week, I’ve (obviously) not been feeling well at all (sorry, dear blog), and then there’s Ali.

You see, she’s got morning sickness. Bad. Except it’s the all-day-sickness variety, mysteriously just like her mother’s…

I feel slightly guilty, because her issues are obviously because I spend WAY too much time complaining, or just being a total slug due to Newbie’s total disregard for our contractually bound negotiations.

If anyone asks Ali how she is doing, she says mournfully, “I just don’t feel well.”

And, if there’s anything she ever doesn’t want to do or eat or drink, her excuse will be “I don’t feel too well right now.”

In the car, she must play on her LeapFrog because “It keeps me from getting queasy.”

Oddly enough, though, when we told her Saturday morning that it was time to go to Eli’s birthday party at the playground – if she felt up to it, that is – she was instantaneously and magically healed. She felt great!

The party location was at THE park – the amazingly fun one, but with no bathroom except for a Port-o-Potty. I told Chris that if Ali had to go, he was going to have to do it, because between my nose and my queasiness, there was no way I was coming within 100 feet of a port-o-potty.

So he made other arrangements.


Ali said she was much too big for such a potty, but then we reminded her of that deep, dark, murky blue water, and she quickly agreed to be little again.

Chris tried to convince me that a car-potty would be a very useful thing to always keep in my car – after all, Ali needed it today – but my car doesn’t need any help getting filled up with crap.

Ali had the treat of PEZ on the way to the park, but was very kind to save her last three for Gramamma, Pop, and Nick.

By the time we got there, they had degraded to half their size by a mixture of sweat and saliva,IMG_9280 but she made me PROMISE to hold them until her intended recipients arrived, and hand them out appropriately.

After all, she was much too busy practicing her swinging techniques (step one: make as pronounced of a double chin as possible to maintain balance) to hold onto PEZ.

IMG_9281Two out of three of them ate their PEZ – but Ali found a discarded PEZ later in the party. I’m not sure who the ungrateful giftee was…

Eli opened his presents with the help of all the kids…


…except Ali, who was starting to not feel too well again and preferred to watch from a distance.


After a while, she ran and got her Uncle JC, and told him that he needed to come with her to the pavilion RIGHT NOW.


Because they needed to get on their knees and pray.


Because she wasn’t feeling too well.

Drama Prayer Queen.

14 thoughts on “Parties: The Cure for (Kid) Morning Sickness.

  1. I used to drive a Suburban and I kept one of those little potties in the back for such emergencies. Friends always knew I had a potty and toilet paper. It was factored in to outtings. It's probably why we got invited to so many places…

  2. Lol. That last picture cracked me up. She's a future Beth Moore. :)

    I'm sorry you are so sick! I always wondered why they call it morning sickness since it lasts all day.

    When we told my in-laws we were pregnant with S my MOL said, "Oh good! I told Ted you were either pregnant or dying." Haha. :) Hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. I really like the prayer position. That is what I callgetting on your knees. I wish Ali and you better tummies.

  4. She is so funny! And I love the title, "Drama Prayer Queen"! I can relate. I sort of feel that way myself sometimes. : )

  5. "I just don't feel well right now." I love it. And the praying. How do you keep from laughing all day long? Wait, why would you?

  6. We kept a potty in the van for *years*. It came in handy in so many places – the park, outdoor picnics/concerts, county fair, along the side of the road in the middle of a road trip…

    Ours had a lid, so it doubled as a stepstool for the youngest to get in and out of her car seat by herself. We would put either a grocery bag or gallon-size ziploc bag in the potty as a liner, then put a diaper down inside to catch and absorb the waste. Then just tie/zip up the bag and throw it away when you can.

  7. ROFL, that last picture is just too hilarious!

    (Btw, you're a much better mommy than me; I have an empty ice cream bucket with a lid that I keep in the back of my van for "emergencies" at the park :)

  8. Too funny! What a crack up. I love that she thinks she's sick and that she she would throw herself on the ground to say a prayer to feel better. How cute.

  9. Hilarious. My Elizabeth does that exact same pose too. Although in her case we always figure that she's getting tired.

    Hope you two are feeling better soon!

  10. My 3 year old daughter has been potty trained for a while now. YEA! No more worrying about how many diapers emergencies I may have! To her that meant more toys for the diaper bag, which somehow has transformed into her purse. However, I really could have used her little girl potty, she happily discarded, in the back of the car the other night. We had to pick up her dad, and ended up waiting half an hour and of course Denia had to pee. No bathroom in sight! I wished I had read this earlier that day. Of course, now my mother-in-law laughs when she sees the little girl potty back there, but one day she will thank me for reading your post and putting it in there!

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